How to Download Ringtone in jio Phone

If you are bored with the default ringtone of your Jio phone and are wondering how to download ringtone in Jio phone, then you have reached the right website because in this post we will tell you how to download ringtone in Jio phone and set it as ringtone. That is, we are going to give information about how to set ringtone in Jio phone.

Downloading ringtones in Jio is not a big deal but you should know which is the best website to download Free Music Ringtones from where free ringtones can be downloaded in Jio mobile.

Talking about downloading ringtones, you will find many websites on the internet from where you can download ringtones, but you will waste a lot of time in downloading free ringtones, so we are telling you about such a website. From where you can download free MP3 ringtone.

How to Download Ringtone in Jio phone – How to Set Ringtone

A Comprehensive Guide to Downloading Ringtones on Jio Phone

Now we are telling you about the best website to download ringtones, which is, from this website you can download almost all types of ringtones Old MP3 ringtones, Hindi ringtones, Hindi ringtones, Punjabi ringtones, Marathi ringtones.

There is a search box on the top of this website, in which you can search by typing the name of your favorite ringtone, now let’s tell you how to download ringtone from

Step 1 : First of all open the browser in your Jio mobile.

Step 2 : Now search by typing in your browser.

Step 3 : After visiting the website, here you will see many ringtones, you can listen to the ringtone by clicking on the play button and when you like the ringtone, click on the name of the ringtone.

The ringtone will be downloaded in Jio phone as soon as you click on the download button.

Step 4: Next page download will appear, after clicking on Download button the ringtone will be downloaded in Jio phone.

If you do not find the ringtone of your choice, you can download it by typing its name in the search box on the top.

How to set ringtone in Jio phone?

After downloading the ringtone, now it comes to know how to set the ringtone on Jio phone i.e. how to set the downloaded ringtone, so let’s also learn how to set ringtone in Jio phone.

  1. Go to the Settings of your Jio phone .
  2. After going to Settings go to Sound .
  3. Now ok on Tone option.
  4. Now go to the Ringtone option, here whatever ringtone is given by the company and you will see it, whatever ringtone you want to set, select it and press the ok button, the ringtone will be set.

How to set downloaded ringtone?

  1. To set the downloaded ringtone in your Jio phone, you have to open the music app .
  2. After that select whatever ringtone you want to set and press the jio button.
  3. After pressing the Jio button, OK on the Set As Ringtone option, the ringtone will be set in Jio Phone.

In this way you can download ringtone in your Jio phone and set ringtone. Share with friends.

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