10+ Hacking Apps For Android: Which hackers use to spy on you

Find out which iOS and Android apps are most trusted by IT professionals for scanning domains and devices for hacking attempts.

Numerous local hosts and weak signals, as well as their flaws, can be located with the help of the hacking tools included in this collection of the top hacking apps. You can simply hack into WiFi networks, plant backdoors, eavesdrop on communications, and create network maps. 

These exploits are useful for ethical hackers and IT professionals who want to check their domain or network for security holes.

Please take note that in order to use these applications on your smartphone, you will need to root your Android phone or jailbreak your iOS device.Here is a list of the best hacking applications for Android and iOS smartphones, if you’re willing to take the chance.

10+ Hacking Apps for Android

The following are some of the most prominent hacking programs that you should be aware of:

1. mSpy: The Best Hacking Apps for Android

If you want your kid to become a peep and you’re seeking the finest hacking applications, look no further. To keep tabs on your kid’s smartphone without their knowledge, download this excellent monitoring app. If you’re concerned about the safety of your kid in the digital world, look no further than this excellent app. This program has 25 capabilities, including calls, text messages, GPS tracking, and more, and is compatible with both iOS and Android. 

Notable Features of the mSpy App

  • The 25+ features include voice calling, texting, and GPS tracking.
  • Keep tabs on any and all instant messaging apps.
  • Easy and fast setup with a straightforward interface.
  • Multilingual support is available around the clock.
  • You can use it on any device running Android OS version 4 or later.

Download these best hacking apps for Android.

2. AndroRat: The Best Hacking Application for Android

Named after the combination of the words “Android” and “RAT” (Remote Access Tool), AndroRAT is a popular Android hacking app that gives attackers complete control over the victim’s device, including their contacts, phone history, and even their precise position using the device’s built-in GPS or mobile data connection.

In addition to calling, toasting, opening a URL in the default browser, opening app data, opening a URL in the default browser, vibrating the phone, and streaming video (especially for activity-based clients), hackers can also take a picture with the infected device’s camera, send a text message, and use the microphone (or stream sound from other sources).

Notable Features of the AndroRat App

  • Universal compatibility
  • break into private chats
  • Cracking Wi-Fi and GPS Systems
  • Target devices can be used to record video and take pictures.
  • Keep an eye on the target gadget and transfer data.

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3. ZANTI: The Best Hacking Apps for Android

The automatic network map provided by ZANTI, one of the greatest hacking apps for Android, makes use of network scans (at varying intensities) to reveal every vulnerability of a specified target. Ethical hackers frequently employ this hacking tool to probe mobile devices and websites for security flaws that could allow for unauthorized access to business networks.

As an added bonus, this Android hacking program can mimic a cyberattacker’s techniques and locate vulnerable spots in a network. Its dashboard data helps firms see threats and address urgent security issues.

Notable Features of the Xanti App

  • Scanning the whole network
  • Learn everything you can about the gadget you want to hack.
  • Examine your vulnerabilities and practice potential attacks.
  • Put your knowledge of deep testing and attacks to the test.
  • Examine the data and draw conclusions.

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4. cSpoilt: The Best Hacking Apps for Android

When it comes to learning how to hack into a system, cSpoilt is one of the greatest hacking apps available for Android users. The local host and its vulnerabilities can be cataloged by the hacking tool. Once inside, they can crack the WiFi password and set up backdoors to get access at a later time by searching for exploits for these vulnerabilities. The hacking app is compatible with any Unix-based system; however, at the moment, only Android devices are supported.

Notable Features of the cSpoilt App

  • Check out the neighborhood and make a plan.
  • System fingerprinting and open port scanning
  • Man in the middle (MITM) assaults should be carried out.
  • Permits computers outside the local area network to join the network.
  • Framework that combines a tracing tool with Metasploit

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5. FaceNiff: The Best Hacking Application for Android

If you have an Android device and want to snoop around on social media, you need Faceniff. The hacking program may steal cookies from WiFi networks and use them to access victims’ accounts.

They may simply manipulate the targeted Android phone to gain access to the user’s calls and social media accounts, as well as power over sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The only catch with this potent Android hacking program is that hackers can only penetrate through the EAP when the WiFi is turned off.

Notable Features of the Facenify App

  • Supports rooted gadgets
  • Connect your wireless device to the network and log in.
  • Supports Wi-Fi encryption standards WPA, WPA2, and WEP.
  • Permits access to restricted networks

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6. DroidBox: The Best Hacking Application for Android

For Android users, DroidBox serves dual purposes as a device hacking app and a game hacking app. This Android hacking tool is useful for ethical hackers since it can be used to build a hash for the device under analysis, intercept incoming and outgoing network traffic, read and write files, and leak data via network files. Are.

The hacking tool provides other features, including cheating, launching cryptographic operations performed via the Android API, listing broadcast receivers, sending SMS, and making phone calls, among other things.

Notable Features of the DroidBox App

  • Provides complete access to the device being targeted.
  • Give me the app’s source code for my intended victim.
  • Eavesdrop on cell phone conversations
  • steal data from a network

Download these best hacking apps for Android.

7. Hackcode: The Best Hacking App for Android

For penetration testers, IT administrators, ethical hackers, and other cyber security experts, Hackcode is one of the best hacking apps available on Android. It offers Google hacking tools and information-gathering resources that may be used to identify weak spots on the web. Scanning instruments like ping, MX records, etc. are provided for the target, and the most recent security feed is displayed.

This hacking software is awesome for getting information. Technical details, such as the DNS services utilized, contact details, and status details, such as server location and site availability, can be uncovered by this method.

Notable Features of the Hacode App

  • Spread hacking resources like PHP-MyAdmin, PHP-Config, and SQL Injection.
  • Provides access to details in both domain- and IP-based formats.
  • Includes utilities like ping, traceroute, DNS dig, and others for scanning potential targets.
  • Presents the most recent updates in the field of security.

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8. Kali Linux Nethunter: The Best Hacking Apps for Android

Kali Linux is widely used by the hackers at NetHunter as a platform for performing penetration tests on Linux systems. Supporting wifi 802.11 frame injection, Teensy-like attacks, and nasty USB “man in the middle” attacks, this program was ranked among the top 10 greatest hacking apps for Android and was designed to break into Linux systems.

It’s compatible with the Nexus 5-10 and the OnePlus One, making it one of the best hacking apps out there. 

Notable Features of the Kali Linux NetHunter App

  • Allows for a variety of USB WiFi adapters and the AP mode
  • Attacks using a USB HID keyboard
  • The MITM attack is supported by BadUSD.
  • The ability to charge many devices at once using a USB Y-cable

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9. Network Mapper: The Best Mobile Hacking App for Android

When it comes to mobile hacking software, Network Mapper is a favorite among traffic sniffers, security professionals, and hackers. It is a frontend for the iconic Nmap scanner that is not officially supported but is quite useful. Protocols, open ports, hosts, service configurations, and security holes will all be investigated. It’s optimized for use with Android’s Arm, MIPS, and x86 processor architectures.

Notable Features of the Network Mapper App

  • Interface to the Nmap security scanner.
  • You can get the scanner, set it up, and learn to use it with the help of Nmap.
  • Learn about the hosts, ports open, services, configurations, and security holes.
  • By default, Nmap uses HTTPS for sending binary data. 

Download these best hacking apps for Android.

10. DroidSheep: The Best Hacking Apps for Android

DroidSheep, one of the best Android hacking tools, is a WiFi hack tool that can be used to spy on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Its purpose is to discover and repair security flaws in existing networks. WiFi networks and social media messengers are also vulnerable to this tool. It requires libcap, which is only available on rooted Android devices, to function.

DroidSheep, one of the best Android hacking apps, has a dual purpose. As a tool for penetration testing and gaining unauthorized access to other networks. 

Notable Features of DroidSheep

  • Keep an eye on people’s online behavior.
  • Verify a Variety of Safety Systems
  • Identifies points of failure in the system.
  • Crack WiFi chat apps and social media accounts.
  • restricted to rooted devices only.

11. Nmap: The Best Hacking Application for Android

By scanning the system for operating systems, open ports, and services, Nmap is an efficient network scanning tool. The IP addresses of all the computers on the network are displayed, enabling the user to do a series of individualized scans. It is useful for both network exploration and safety inspection and ranks among the top free, open-source hacking programs. 

As a versatile, powerful, portable, user-friendly, and well-documented and maintained tool for security experts, it earned Linux Journal’s “Security Product of the Year” award.

Notable Features of the NMAP App

  • Discover the software, ports, and services running on the intended devices.
  • Facilitates a plethora of user-defined scans
  • Auditing and identifying networks
  • open source

Download these best hacking apps for Android.

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