How to Know Whatsapp Hack and how to Remove Whatsapp Hack?

Hello Everybody, today’s topic is our topic, How to Know Whatsapp Hack, and how to Remove Whatsapp Hack , as mobile users are increasing in the Internet world, Internet  users are also increasing and like As internet users are increasing, similarly the number of hackers is also increasing.

How to Know Whatsapp Hack and how to Remove Whatsapp Hack?

How to know Whatsapp Hack and how to remove Whatsapp Hack

In today’s era, the trend of hacking has increased so much, the boyfriend hacks his girlfriend’s WhatsApp to see all her WhatsApp messages, photos, and the girlfriend hacks her boyfriend’s mobile to see whose WhatsApp chat message she is with. chats with.

Similarly, if anyone’s mobile comes in the hands of anyone for 2 minutes, then their WhatsApp can be hacked, if you do a little carelessness, then you may have to suffer heavy losses due to your carelessness.

Do you know that WhatsApp can also be hacked, if you do not know how to hack WhatsApp, then read this post on how to hack WhatsApp.

Now you must have come to know that Whatsapp can also be hacked, then this question must have come in your mind, how to know if Whatsapp is hacked and what to do if Whatsapp is hacked and how to avoid Whatsapp Hack  if yes . Then you are at absolutely right place.

How to know Whatsapp is Hacked?

First of all, let us tell you that you cannot use the same Whatsapp in 2 mobiles, now this thing must have come in your mind, then how can our mobile be hacked, for this, any Hackers mostly use Whatsapp web to hack Whatsapp. Hack Whatsapp account.

For this, your mobile should come in their hands for just 2 minutes, then your Whatsapp account is hacked by scanning the QR code, now you must have understood that your account can be hacked through WhatsApp web.

For this you can read this post Computer Me Whatsapp Kaise Chalaye It is necessary to hack WhatsApp account through WhatsApp web, WhatsApp should be activated in your mobile, now the question comes that how to know if our Whatsapp Account is Hacked? Let’s know.

How To Check WhWhatsApp Hack

Follow the steps below to find out whether WhatsApp is hacked or not.

Step 1 – First of all open WhatsApp in your mobile.

Step 2 – Now there are 3 dots in the right side corner , click on them.

Step 3 – Now  click on Linked Device .

Step 4 – As soon as you click on the Linked Device web, if your mobile is hacked and any hacker is using your WhatsApp account in the browser, then you will see the icon of that browser and it will also show who Since using in the operating system .

Here you will know in which browser and in which operating system your WhatsApp account is being used, if it is being used in Google Chrome browser then you will see its icon, if it is being used in Mozilla Firefox You will see its icon, similarly in which Windows like Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 10, if you see all this information, then understand that Whatsapp Account Hack has been done. In this way you can know whether Whatsapp Hack is there or not, now know how to remove Whatsapp Hack.

How to Remove Whatsapp Hack?

Removing WhatsApp hack is very simple, when you come to know that WhatsApp is hacked, then you  click on the icon of that browser , then click on Log Out ,  after clicking on Log Out , in whatever DEVICES you use WhatsApp through the web. being done it will disconnect.

I hope How to Know is Whatsapp Hack and how to Remove Whatsapp Hack? You must have liked the information, so do share this post with your friends.

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