Adnow Kya Hai Adnow Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Hindi Me Full Jankari

What is Adnow?

Hello friends, what are you going to tell you today ? Adnow Se Paise Kaise Kamaye?  Adnow is an Ntive Advertising Network that works to show ads. Every blogger has a dream. Make money from Google Adsense’s Ad {Advertising} blog on your blog website. But for some reason they can not get the latest update of Google Adsense And they get frustrated.
I would like to say to those friends.You do not have to be frustrated. Because there is a multi Ad Network website other than Google Adsense, which can earn you a lot of money. Although this is absolutely true, Google Adsense is the best. But if you are not getting an upgrade of Google Adsense then you can make money from adnow advertise on your blog website.Adnow’s Ad {ad} is very good looking.It’s similar to the ad post E. Its advertisement is such.Everyone does not have to pay by clicking.Adnow’s ads are very clickable.Which is our income. If so many clicks are on the Ad Adsense of Google Adsense, nothing else happens. But you can also make good money from Adnow because it has more clicks on Ad.You can set Adnow Ad according to your own. You can put it in the center of the post or on the layout. 
Adnan Kya Hai Adnow Se Paise Kaise Kamayya Hindi Me Full Jankari
If you do, you will get uplift within 24-72 hours.And the most grassy thing is that 50 pages are also uplifted. And you can also use it with Google Adense.Because it is a Secure And Sefe Network, To earn money from Adnow, you must have a blog or a website, if you want to earn money from adnow And yet you have not created a blog website, then Free Me Website Blog Kaise Bnaye read this post. Let’s now believe that you have created a blog or a website and now you want to earn money from adnow, you need to adnow You have to make an account. It is very easy to make an account. Just follow my step 

Adnow Kya Hai Adnow Se Paise Kaise Kamayya Hindi Me Full Jankari

Adnow Par Account Kaise Banaye?

Step 1:

First, you will be given this link to ADNOW SIGN UP     then click Sign Up. 

Now you will get a form to fill it as shown in the below screen shot 
Step 2 
Click on 1 PUBLISHERES 2 Enter your name 3 Enter your Email ID 4 Select your language 5 Enter the password 6 Password reroute 7 SKYPE Leave this blank 8 ACCEPT AND AGREE TO ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS Click on a ROBOT 10 then click on SUBMIT 
Adnan Kya Hai Adnow Se Paise Kaise Kamayya Hindi Me Full Jankari

Step 3 Now, to verify your account, an email will be sent to your email id. Open your Email Id and verify your account. After verifying the account, your account has been created.
Step 4 Now log in with your Email Id and password in your Adnow Account. 

Click on 
Step 5 Ad Site Now you will have a form to open in front of your site. 
   Step 6
1 NAM: Enter the name of your blog website 
2 Wbsite Address: Enter the URL of your blog or website in it 
3 Website Traffic: Select the traffic of your blog website in it. How much traffic comes in a month 
4 Now click on  ADD
Step 7 Now a POPUP window will open in front of you. The adnow policy has been given. If you want to read, you can read and then tick the box next to the rule of violation of the rules and click OK. Now Your website blog has been blocked. But you have to wait for 24 -72 hours for Approval. You will get an email within 72 hours. Your email will be sent to email after has been used and you have to pay   kamaye

If you get an approval, then you can put a bar on your blog. So friends can earn money by creating your own account on adnow and putting it on your blog. I do not think any problem will arise to make you account. If there is any problem then you can feel free to ask for your complete help. Today’s my post is Adnow Kya Hai A dnow Se Paise Kaise Kmaye tell you how to comment. If you liked the post, please share your friends.


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