What is DND Complete information to Activate and Deactivate

In this post, we will tell you what is DND, how to activate and deactivate , today is the era of mobile, nowadays everyone will get mobile, some have keypad mobile, some have smart mobile, but the problem remains that nowadays any company Take the sim of the company, useless messages and calls keep coming, which are of no use to us, the service of activating and deactivating these useless messages is called DND.

By activating DND service, we can stop the useless call messages, these useless messages cause us a lot of trouble, sometimes it happens that whenever we receive the call, money is also deducted from our mobile. .

What is DND?

What is DND Complete information to Activate and Deactivate

DND Full Form : The full form of DND is Do Not Disturb, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has started the service, by activating this service, the customer will receive unnecessary message calls from the company. Can turn off this is called DND {Do Not Disturb}.

By activating, deactivating the DND service, we can turn on and off the incoming messages from the company. By activating the DND service, the messages and calls stop and by deactivating it, the messages and calls start coming again. .

There is no charge for activating and deactivating DND service, you have a SIM of any company, you can activate and deactivate it for free.

If you are also troubled by the messages and calls coming from the company or you do not like it, then by activating this service, you can stop the calls and messages coming from the company and deactivate it again whenever you want. Can receive message calls.

Now you must have understood what is DND, now let us tell you how to activate or deactivate DND service, you can activate or deactivate DND service in the following way

How to activate DND

This method is for Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, Jio, Tata Docomo, Reliance all mobile network company’s SIM, irrespective of the company’s SIM you have.

Full DND Activate

dnd service number is 1909 to stop all calls and messages coming from the company, type START 0 and send it to 1909, after that all calls and messages coming from the company will stop in 5-7 days but Keep in mind that you have to write START in capital letters.

How to Activate Call Karke DND Service

To activate DND service by calling, dial dnd service number 1909 from your mobile, then follow the rules given by IVR, DND service will be activated on your mobile.

How to Activate DND by Talking to Service Provider Customer Care

You can get DND service activated by calling 198 Toll Free number and talking to service provider customer care.

Activating DND for Single Category

In this, you can activate DND service according to your own, in this option you get different categories, you can turn off the message call of any category which you do not like.

1 Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Cards
2 Real Estate
3 Education
4 Health
5 Consumer Goods / Automobiles
6 Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT
7 Tourism / Leisure

In the above category, if you want to stop call messages of any category, then type the number of that category and set it to 1909, as if you want to stop the message call of Real Estate category, then type START 2, DND Service Number 1909 Message on

Activating DND for Multiple Categories

In this you can block message calls of more than one category. To block message calls of more than one category, type START category number/number number and send it to 1909 like START 2/3/7 and then send it to 1909.

How to Deactivate DND

If you ever want to deactivate the DND service, that is, you want to receive the company’s messages and calls again, then you can get it by Deactivating DND Service, for this you send a message by writing STOP to 1909.

In this post, we told you what is DND, have given complete information to activate and deactivate, I hope you must have liked this post, then do share this post with your friends.

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