List of Social Media Platforms: Top 130+ Social Media Sites

List of social media platforms: Top 130+ Social Media Sites, Humans are naturally sociable animals, so it seems sense that we would adopt tools that help us stay in touch with one another. The number of individuals who join and actively use social media platforms grows every year. In 2010, there were less than a billion social media users; that figure has grown to more than 4 billion in the previous 12 years. Not convinced? If you want the most up-to-date information on user statistics, facts, and insights about what occurred in social media marketing in 2022, then you should read the Influencer Marketing Hub Social Media Benchmark Report.

Over 4.48 billion individuals worldwide used at least one social media platform in 2021. We may anticipate considerably more growth in these figures as the price of cellphones and internet connection continues to drop and become more widely available. More than 4.74 billion individuals will be active on social media in 2022. Revenues from social media companies mirror this trend.

This article will introduce you to 128 social media platforms that should be part of your 2024 social media advertising plan. It’s possible that using these sites may allow you to meet influential people in your field.

List of Social Media Platforms: Top 130+ Social Media Sites 2024

List of Social Media Platforms: Top 130+ Social Media Sites


At the moment, Facebook has more users than any other social networking platform. With an estimated 2.96 billion MAU in 2022, Facebook has attracted the vast majority of the world’s online population. So, it’s a great place for firms to advertise their wares to a large audience.

Facebook allows users to submit several types of media including text, links, photos, and videos. People may interact with other users by following and like popular profiles and pages. Paid Facebook advertising are another option for businesses to spread word about their wares.


Instagram is rapidly becoming one of the most popular social media sites. Although the app is the primary means of access, the website also provides users with access to their feed. Finally, in June of 2018, it hit 1.074 billion MAU.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app that emphasizes aesthetics.

Instagram’s Live and Story functions are also available to you.

Especially among today’s youth, it has found widespread acclaim. Statista reports that 30.2% of its users are between the ages of 18 and 24, while 31.7% are between the ages of 25 and 34.


Twitter is a social media site where people may discuss current events and other subjects of interest. More than 238 million paying customers used the site every day in 2022. It may not have as many users as some of the biggest social media platforms, but its audience is quite dedicated. There are at least 500 million tweets sent out each day.


Another major social media platform is Tumblr. Users may interact with one another in various communities and engage in cross-cultural discussions. It’s one of the most well-liked places for young people and fan communities to express themselves online.

There were 291,000,000 unique visits to the site in May of 2022.


LinkedIn is the most widely used social networking platform among business-to-business (B2B) marketers. Throughout the years, the network has expanded significantly, and now it counts 875 million active users. Members may use the site to network with other professionals, post their resumes and portfolios, and look for employment opportunities.

Since it enables users to create blog entries that live on the site, LinkedIn is also a great place to share your professional skills with others.


WhatsApp is a messaging program that allows its users to exchange not just text but also media such as photos, videos, audio recordings, and even documents. Its popularity has skyrocketed over the years, and as of April 2022, it was being used by around 2.44 billion people per month. As the platform’s user base has grown, it has also added several tools to streamline communication amongst its members.

Formerly solely capable of individual calls, it now also allows for conference calls. In addition, they released a new tool called WhatsApp Status, which lets users post picture, video, or text updates that vanish after 24 hours.


Another popular visual social networking app among young people is Snapchat. Like WhatsApp and Instagram, users may update their “Status” every 24 hours and exchange photos. As of the first quarter of 2022, the platform had 332 million daily active users.


Pinterest is a visual social media platform since it is based on the idea of digital scrapbooking. Users may make their own themed boards and add relevant photographs and items. Shoppable Pins are brand-made images that may be used to make instant purchases.

There were 445 million monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2022. These users have together made almost 240 billion pins, or around 533 pins on average.


More than 250 million people across the globe have used Triller, and although it still has a ways to go before it can make TikTok quake in its stylish boots, Triller is undoubtedly on the rise. Powered by artificial intelligence, this music video software allows users to quickly and easily make high-quality films that compete with those uploaded to TikTok. Like the popular app TikTok, Triller lets its users make and share videos in which they sing, dance, or lip sync to popular songs.


Similar to Twitch and YouTube, this site allows users to upload, share, and view videos. Like any other video hosting service, you have the option to make and distribute videos or go live. It’s a paid service, with monthly rates starting at $7.


In order to facilitate communication amongst Black professionals, Valence was created. In doing so, it hopes to foster relationships among members of the global Black professional community that will lead to the launch of new businesses and professional possibilities.


Users of Untappd are able to do things like rate beers, upload photos of beers they’ve enjoyed, earn badges, check out tap lists from local establishments, and discover what beers their friends are enjoying. Users may make notes on beers they’ve recorded and even get recommendations from the app. Users of Untappd may receive locations through Foursquare and tweet or post about their check-ins on Facebook.


Elpha is a professional networking platform for women. It’s the equivalent as LinkedIn, but for women. Cool as ice. Users of Elpha have the opportunity to broaden their social and professional circles, acquire employment and launch businesses.


Yubo is a relatively new social media site with the ambitious objective of reimagining virtual friendships by providing a secure virtual space for all users. Users of Yubo may create profiles, add friends, and engage in group or individual conversations. Live streaming is possible, and comments from friends and prospective friends alike are a platform staple.


Peanut is a community for expectant and new moms to connect with one another and build lasting social networks that will serve them well throughout their journey to and through parenthood. Many books, online communities, and support organizations are available. A new support group has been created for couples experiencing infertility.


A cup of coffee is like Periscope. Both viewers and broadcasters are welcome to join the platform. Live streams from all around the globe are available to you, the viewer. Several well-known figures from the gaming, sports, and entertainment industries are broadcasters. There are no tiers or advertisements on Caffeine. You are welcome to watch broadcasts, participate in live chats, give streams a thumbs up, and support your favorite broadcasters monetarily.


Steemit operates on the blockchain technology. The STEEM cryptocurrency is distributed to users based on the hash value of their posts. Users may write on a wide variety of subjects, and others can comment or upvote on those postings (similar to Reddit).

Baidu Tieba

China’s Baidu provides a social network called Baidu Tieba (Postbar) that is centered on queries made on the Baidu search engine. It’s a social networking platform in the form of a discussion forum, where individuals may start their own communities based on shared interests.


The 23snaps app provides a secure environment for parents to share photos they’ve taken of their children. As a result, users may safely send the photos to anybody they want.


Likee (formerly known as LIKE) is a Singaporean TikTok-style platform for short videos. The social media app has video recording and editing capabilities in addition to visual elements like 4D Magic and Dynamic Stickers.


8tracks is a social networking and internet radio platform where users may make, share, and listen to curated playlists of at least eight songs. Making an account is free, and then you may make your own playlists and listen to those made by other users. In the United States and Canada, users may subscribe to 8tracks Plus for additional features.


Academia serves as a hub for the dissemination of scholarly work. There are over 204 million monthly active users and people have uploaded over 40 million papers to the site. Formerly a cost-free archive of scholarly journals, it now requires payment to connect writers with readers of their work.


Amikumu is a free, multi-platform software that connects language speakers with language students in the same area. First designed for Esperanto users, the program has now been made available to people of all linguistic backgrounds. More than 136 nations are represented in the program, and its users may communicate in approximately 500 tongues. The goal of Amikumu is to build a community where signers and speakers can connect and exchange information about their immediate surroundings.


Similar to Goodreads, the social networking site aNobii has members in over 20 countries, with Italy being its most popular region. After launching in 2006, Mondadori purchased the site in 2014 with the support of HMV Group, HarperCollins, Penguin, and Random House. Users may not only upload books but also discuss, rate, and review them with other readers.


North Americans and Europeans looking to connect with other globetrotters may do so on the social networking site ASMALLWORLD. It’s a premium social network with four plans starting at €79 per year and going all the way up to €9,900. In most cases, users need an invitation from a current member or the permission of a membership committee before they may join.


If you’re an endurance athlete, Athlinks, a free social networking site, is for you. Pretty specific, eh? The majority of the content on the website is devoted to the outcomes of various endurance competitions, such as marathons, triathlons, and adventure races. Members of Athlinks have the opportunity to network with other athletes, both friends and foes.


BAND is a social network designed specifically for interacting in large groups. Users are able to establish their own channels of interaction with others for a certain reason. There are teams and organizations for just about everything you can imagine, including sports, friendship, family, interest, and competition.


Professionals may work together on beBee. It was developed to facilitate the marketing of oneself to potential employers, customers, suppliers, and the press. In addition to sharing professional and personal information, users may build relationships with one another.


Blind is another kind of professional network that allows verified professionals to meet and talk in private corporate channels without revealing their identities to one another. More than 7 million professionals from all around the globe are using the platform to learn from one another, enhance business culture, and advance their careers.


Diaspora is a community-driven, decentralized social media platform built from individual nodes (pods) that are owned and operated separately yet function together. Since it is not controlled by any one company or individual, the network is immune to commercial influence.


Users of Fark, a community website, may share their thoughts on various online news stories and other information. Just roughly 100 of the daily submissions of stories are shown on the homepage due to space limitations. Each link has a corresponding discussion thread where readers may share their thoughts.


MeWe is an alternative social networking platform that aims to compete with Facebook. In terms of content moderation, it takes a “hands-off” attitude. It is for this reason that anti-vaxxers, American conservatives, and conspiracy theories flock to the site.


Subreddits are communities inside Reddit where users may discuss certain interests in depth with like-minded people. Users post the newest news from a variety of sources, making the site something of a news aggregator. Users will then be able to comment on this information, vote it up or down, and upvote related articles.

It has a massive following and around 1.5 billion monthly users.

The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are the top three countries that visit the site.


YouTube is the most popular social media platform for sharing videos. Users may share videos with the community, watch those shared by others, and engage with one another in the comments. It attracted an average of 2.6 billion monthly users in 2022. The typical user of the YouTube app for Android spends 23.2 hours per month viewing videos on the site.


Mix, formerly known as StumbleUpon, is a social networking platform that allows users to aggregate news and other items from around the web into personalized “Collections.” It features add-ons for popular browsers and mobile applications for iOS and Android.


The once-popular hi5 social networking platform was bought by this site in 2011. Friendship and romantic relationships take center stage. Users may find one another via shared hobbies, online games, profile browsing, and more.


Nextdoor is a closed social network exclusively for residential areas. Just type in your address and you’ll be connected to others in your neighborhood. The program, which was first only available in American neighborhoods, has now gone global. Users in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Sweden, and Denmark may now access it.


Deviantart claims to be the biggest online gathering place for creatives of all stripes. Users may connect with other creatives, showcase their own work, and explore the works of others. More than 61 million people have signed up for the site, and it receives 45 million or more unique visits per month.


Quora is one of the most popular places online for individuals to discuss any number of subjects and provide answers to questions posed by others. Anything from etymology to mythology to advertising is fair game. As of 2022, it was used by 300 million people per month.

Post your question in the appropriate forum section if you can’t find the solution to it anywhere online. Experts in the field may be contacted and asked questions.


Meetup is a social networking service that facilitates user connections to local groups for social interaction. Like-minded persons may meet at events planned by these groups.

There are organizations for just about everything you can think of, from language and culture to music to the great outdoors and everything in between. The United States accounts for 49.9% of all visitors, with the United Kingdom coming in second at 7.95%.


When it comes to online communities that cater specifically to artists, ReverbNation ranks among the top. They can spread the word about their music to more people thanks to the platform. They may monetize their music by making it available for purchase by fans or uploading it to popular streaming services. In addition to these fundamentals, ReverbNation provides a wide variety of resources for artists.


Flixster is another specialized social networking site that caters to movie buffs. It’s a forum for movie buffs in the United States to discuss films they’ve seen and write reviews for others to read. You may use this site to discover new films and read user reviews of existing films. You may use it to reserve theater seats for a film as well.


Goodreads is a social networking service like many others, except its primary concentration is literature. Connect with other readers and discuss books you’ve enjoyed. In addition, the site recommends books to them based on what they’ve already read. Users may connect with others who have similar interests by joining virtual reading groups.


The majority of Twitch’s users are gamers who are either broadcasting their own gameplay or watching the gameplay of others. Twitch allows users to watch and comment on live broadcasts from other gamers, as well as submit their own videos to share with their followers. There are around 10 million monthly users.


CaringBridge is unique among social networking platforms. It’s a way to keep in touch with loved ones and get encouragement from them during one’s health journey by keeping a personal health diary. For persons dealing with life-threatening conditions, this site is invaluable for keeping in touch with loved ones.


Wattpad connects readers and authors via social media. The website receives many works of fiction, poetry, comedy, and fanfiction from its users. There are presently almost 90 million readers of this publication.


Another platform that facilitates communication between company owners and entrepreneurs is Viadeo. English, French, German, and Portuguese are only some of the languages it has been translated into. It is more widely read in Europe than the United States.


Anime fans can watch the newest episodes of their favorite series and read the most talked about manga on Crunchyroll. It’s also a social networking platform featuring forums for people to talk about anime with one another.


Users of Skyrock, a social networking site located in France, may create profiles, publish blogs, and communicate with one another. Blogs on music, sports, and movies tend to do well on this site.

Skyrock provides users with free, individual web space where they may host and share content like blogs and online forums with others. Filters such as location, gender, age, etc. may be used to find other users’ profiles. Similar to Instagram, you may share photos and get likes and comments from your followers.


VK is a popular social network in Russia. When it is translated into other tongues, Russian speakers are the most likely to pick it up. Users may form communities, publish information, plan activities, and communicate with one another. Kids may also listen to music, watch videos, and play games all inside their browser.


MyHeritage is a platform for sharing family histories online. Users may build their own family trees, share and see images of their ancestors, and add new chapters to their family history. Some users have even gone so far as to utilize it to track down distant relatives and learn more about them. MyHeritage also offers DNA testing so that consumers may more precisely find their blood ties and explore their family history.


This is a social networking service with a blogging component, where members may keep online diaries and share their thoughts with others. The most popular blogs and groups are also curated by the platform for easy user access.


Classmates is a networking platform for reconnecting with schoolmates past and present. The website makes it simple for users to organize high school reunions and see their high school yearbook.


SoundCloud is a social networking site where users may share and listen to musical songs created by themselves and others. Users may share and discuss the songs they like by adding them to personal playlists and commenting on their favorite sections.


Photographers and graphic designers alike often share their work on the social media platform Flickr. The site allows users to both upload and browse high-quality, user-submitted photographs. Joining an organization is another great way to meet individuals who share your interests.

We Heart It

Another social networking platform built on pictures, where users may look for and save photographs they like. The site has a plethora of specialized channels for various interests. Visitors may browse these channels for visually stimulating content.


The evaluations and recommendations on Influenster come straight from real customers like you. Reviews on items in fields as diverse as cosmetics and technology are available to them. User-generated product reviews are welcome, too.

Each user’s social influence will be calculated using data aggregated from the most popular social networks. With this information, consumers may join niche influencer marketing efforts.


FilmAffinity is a movie recommendation website and social network for movie buffs. Visitors may provide ratings for films they’ve seen and peruse genre-specific suggestions.

Open Diary

Established in 1998, Open Diary has been around longer than other social media platforms. Users may maintain an online journal in which they can document their ideas and feelings. These entries will be viewable and commentable by the Open Diary community. If you have opinions or experiences that you don’t feel comfortable discussing with others, you may write anonymous posts and share them with the community.


Yelp is a user-driven platform for rating and reviewing neighborhood businesses. It’s a fantastic resource for learning about the best local establishments and happenings.

Gaia Online

Gaia Online is a forum-based social networking platform with an anime focus where members may engage in topical discussions. People may also play games in their browsers and discover new individuals who share their interests by exploring the site.


This is a mobile social network where users may communicate with one another in public and private chat rooms and in organized groups. They may have one-on-one conversations with other users, as well. They can do things like send e-cards and play mobile games.


This online community facilitates communication amongst globetrotters. Travelers may find and connect with residents in the places they visit, sometimes for free.

Funny or Die

The primary feature of the social platform Funny or Die is the sharing of humorous videos. Users get access to popular viral videos as well as the ability to share their own comedic recordings. The site also provides humorous articles and lists for the sake of its audience as a whole. Will Ferrell, Selena Gomez, and Jeff Goldblum are just a few of the famous faces that are regulars.


Using live video conversation with local speakers, italki facilitates efficient language acquisition. This facilitates students’ access to engaging, personalized instruction in their target language. They have access to thousands of language instructors from whom to pick.


Traders may communicate with one another and copy the strategies of successful members of the eToro community by using the site. In addition, users may make a supplementary income by copying the trading techniques and portfolios of other users.


This platform facilitates the development of professional relationships among its users. Users may search for jobs, read up on the newest developments in their fields, and learn about upcoming industry-related seminars, conferences, and trade exhibitions. The site caters mostly to Europeans.


MySpace, which was formerly known as myYearbook, is a social networking service that facilitates the discovery of new friends. You may meet new individuals in your region who share your interests and hobbies.


On Care2, activists may read about current events and sign petitions from all around the globe. More than 45 million individuals are a part of this group because they share a commitment to social justice and a desire to see the world improved.


When it comes to video sharing, YY is one of China’s most popular social media platforms. It boasts over 300 million users and enables simultaneous group video calling. Users may watch a single video of someone playing a game or doing any other activity, much like on Twitch. Karaoke and lectures are only two examples among many more.


Vero is a social networking platform where people can talk about the things they love with others. They may trade media like music, pictures, books, and films. The site promotes itself as a social network that prioritizes human interaction above data mining and algorithmic decision-making.


Medium is a content publishing platform that also has social networking capabilities. Members have the ability to create and share material on the site. Members may “clap to” and remark on the contributions of others. Certain articles are only available to paying subscribers while others are freely accessible to everyone.


Humorous animated GIFs may be found in this internet archive. Users have the option of either uploading their own GIFs or doing a search to see GIFs made by other users. Users may provide feedback on their favorite GIFs and even forward them to friends on other social networking sites.


Tribe is an online hub where fans of a certain company may interact with one another. Users may have debates and chats in the context of certain brands. Users may research and follow various companies, as well as pose inquiries, kick off threads, and design polls centered on those brands.

Tencent QQ

This is a Chinese instant messaging application that started out in China solely but has now extended to 80 or more nations across the world. It allows users to communicate by text, phone, and video. In addition, it has a translator for speaking with persons whose native tongue is not your own. In China, it has 574,4 million users in the year 2022.


With your unique app ID, you may communicate with other WeChat users. Because of this, you may have conversations with complete strangers without giving up any personal information. The fact that it allows users to remain anonymous while interacting with complete strangers is, therefore, the app’s key selling feature. Messages, pictures, and videos may all be sent using this method. It also works for making video and audio calls. As of 2022, it is expected to have 1.2 billion monthly users.


Tencent, the company behind QQ and WeChat, has released a new app called QZone. With an estimated 574 million members, this social networking site is wildly popular in China. It has several potential uses, including but not limited to those of a blog, online journal, and medium for the dissemination of visual and audio content.


TikTok, a platform for sharing short videos, has exploded in popularity since its 2016 debut. ByteDance, a Chinese business, developed it; the Chinese name for it is Douyin. More than a billion people use this app every month because of its popular lip-sync videos.

Sina Weibo

Around 573 million unique visitors per month utilize this Chinese microblogging and social networking platform. It’s sometimes referred to as the “Chinese Twitter” since it’s so similar to the social networking service in terms of how its users publish quick updates and postings.


Since 2011, this website has served as a hub for Chinese video sharing. Users in more than 9 countries total more than 573 million every month.


It’s a social media site most known for its ability to facilitate video chats. It also allows you to send and receive instant messages, as well as exchange things like photos, movies, and music.


Rakuten of Japan developed the Viber instant messaging application. It works as well on smartphones and computers. It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family without breaking the bank. In 2020, it had over 1.1 billion users who had signed up, but not all of them were actively using the service.


Users from countries other than Japan, such as Thailand, flock to the famous Japanese social network LINE. It may be used to make free voice and video calls, as well as send and receive text messages. You may also upload and share videos and pictures.


As in a virtual world, the network is built on user avatars. It’s like a game that doubles as a social media site. You may find friends from all around the globe by creating an online persona and interacting with others. There are more than 75 million of them. It may also be downloaded as an app on your smartphone.

The Dots

Those working in the arts and other creative professions may use this site to connect with like-minded professionals. It’s a great place to network with like-minded people, discover new business partners, and improve your professional abilities. Another option is to consult with professionals in your sector for guidance. In general, it’s a fantastic venue for promoting one’s work and being found. You may either see it on their website or use their iOS app.


Similar to WhatsApp, this IM service allows users to communicate with one another for no charge. Telegram’s unique selling point is that all communications sent over the service are encrypted and may self-destruct after being read. Hence, it receives a resounding recommendation for safety and confidentiality.

The ability to build groups with up to 200,000 members is another strong attribute, surpassing the capabilities of competing messaging apps. It works on desktop computers, Apple and Android mobile devices, and tablets. There are more than 55 million regular users.

Foursquare Swarm

The search-and-discovery app Foursquare provides users with tips on where to go in their immediate area. Foursquare is a location data and technology platform in addition to a social networking platform.

Swarm is the name of their new standalone product that includes the social networking function. It’s a social media app with the familiar Foursquare feature of checking in at locations.


This is a Chinese platform for sharing and discussing media and literature. It may be used for making fan sites or writing reviews of various media. It also allows users to form groups based on shared interests. Douban users tend to be more affluent and culturally engaged than those on any other Chinese social network.


For gamers, Discord is the best choice for a chat app. Several players take use of this to set up chat channels for team planning sessions. Both the website and the app are accessible from any web browser.

Although it has found particular favor among online gaming communities, its group chat features may be used to almost every other kind of organization. It might be anything from a book club to a movie club to a study group. Hence, using Discord, one can do anything.


You may create a profile on this social networking cum dating site and then use it to meet others who share your interests. Almost 318 million people have signed up on the service, and on average they send 350 million messages every day. As a result, it’s one of the biggest social discovery networks out there.

It supports a wide variety of gadgets and operating systems and has many login methods. More than 200 nations have authorized its usage. It’s a great way to meet new people in your area and expand your social circle.


When it comes to social media sites, MySpace is rather seasoned. In fact, it was the most popular social media site in the United States and the world over a decade ago. Its popularity waned as rival social media sites gained traction and user attention.


This was formerly an invite-only service, but today anybody may join this Japanese social networking site. It’s a great way to meet others who share your passions and learn more about them. There are more than 2.7 million specialized interest groups there. The website also lets you organize and participate in gatherings of others who share your interests.


This is a specialized social networking service for those who like needle arts such as knitting, weaving, and crocheting. The goal is to learn from others, showcase one’s own work, and get feedback. This website is free to use and contains a wealth of information useful to knitters and crocheters.


It’s a virtual world where users may make their own avatars, interact with others, play games, and buy and sell virtual goods. The site’s base functionality is free, but premium features may be purchased using FunCoins. It works just as well on smartphones as it does on computers.


This is a blogging community where users may connect and exchange content. With the social networking feature, you can create a profile, add friends, and update your subscribers with new blog posts just as you would on a social media site.

There is a distinction between friends and subscribers. Your blog’s subscribers will always be up-to-date on your latest posts. On the other side, your friends may communicate with you in a more personal way.

They are presently working on platform updates and plan to release Xanga 2.0 with new and improved capabilities shortly.


This is an alternative to Instagram that was developed in the United States. Unlike other platforms, it is most known for its use in spreading viral photos and memes. Yet it does have some useful capabilities, such as hashtags and content search based on topics.


Ello is a specialized social networking site with a worldwide community of creative types. This is a great way to share your work with the world, as well as discover and interact with other artists. The platform emphasizes aesthetics and vivacity. As a result, you don’t have to be an artist yourself to appreciate the stunning creations made by those who are.

WT Social

Jimmy Wales has launched a brand-new social network called WT Social (co-founder of Wikipedia). Advertised as a “non-toxic social network,” the site aims to compete with more well-known platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Users donate to keep WT Social online and ad-free. The network’s goal is to promote honesty and trust among its users by giving them editorial control over their feeds.


Behance is an Adobe-owned website made with artists and designers in mind. They may promote their work and find new opportunities by using the site’s Search (Explore), Live, and Jobs functions. Behance is a platform where artists and designers of all stripes can showcase their work. Making a profile doesn’t cost you a thing. Users of Behance may subscribe to your profile and others’ profiles. Behance’s greatest feature is the freedom it gives its users to create as many projects as they want, with as many photographs and other media files as they want to include.


Bloggers and content producers who want to grow their audiences and develop their businesses can use BlogHer. Almost 10 million women entrepreneurs have benefited from its existence since its inception in 2005. Its content collection, for example, is designed to serve as a source of information and motivation for entrepreneurs.


Dribbble (that’s right, three Bs) is a website where designers may exhibit their portfolios. Animation, branding, illustration, typography, and web design are just few of the many areas of design that are discussed. Almost 18 million “shots dribbbled” and over a trillion pixels have been exchanged in this creative community as of this writing. Since its inception in 2009, it has grown into a hub where over 40,000 of the world’s leading firms including Apple, Google, and Slack come to find new creative talent.


For movie buffs, Letterboxd is heaven. Letterboxd is a movie tracking app that allows you to rate and evaluate the films you’ve seen. Follow your friends to stay up-to-date on the movies they’re viewing and discuss them with others. There are apps for Apple TV, Android, and the iOS platforms. You may check out all Letterboxd has to offer without signing up. But you’ll need to sign up for Letterboxd if you want to take part in the action. Although basic membership is free, a Pro or Patron membership is required to access all of the premium options.


Go to Houzz if you want some great interior design and decoration ideas. It’s a hub for finding and working with talented architects, interior designers, and builders. Houzz is an online platform that allows users to collect images of interior design inspiration, ask experts questions about those images, and peruse the profiles of the architects, interior designers, and builders who created those images. There’s no need to visit many sites to browse for furniture, fixtures, home decor, and more since Houzz has it all.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a community for engineers all around the world to ask and answer questions, both technical and otherwise. Users may pose coding queries to the site’s community of professionals and enthusiasts from all around the world and get helpful responses. Since 2008, it has helped over 100 million developers get the information they need each month.


All you crafty, do-it-yourself types, this one’s for you. Instructables is a website where people who like doing-it-yourself projects and arts and crafts may share their expertise in the form of step-by-step guides. Anything from circuits and workshops to recipes and outdoor gear are all within the site’s purview.


CaféMom is a community for moms to connect and share information. From baby name inspiration to information on health and relationships, this “mommy blog” has it all. As an added bonus, this resource allows readers to gain insight from other moms by reading about their own journeys through pregnancy, parenting, and beyond.


To “connect kids to opportunity” is Goodwall’s stated goal as a social networking platform. It’s a platform for young people to find and share chances to make a difference in the world. Young people may share their skills, find mentors, and learn about local career and scholarship possibilities via this social network.

Law Lin

To answer your question, yes, even attorneys use social media. The legal profession has its own specialized website, Law Link. If you become a member, you’ll have access to a group of competent attorneys who can provide guidance on any legal matter you could face.


If you like exploring new places, you should make WAYN (an abbreviation for “where are you now”) one of your go-tos. You may obtain ideas on where to go on your next vacation, book transportation, and read travel guides and advice.

Supernatural Connections

Supernatural Connections is an excellent place to find interdisciplinary conversations about the paranormal and related themes, such as the relationship between supernaturalism and indigenous cultures and the commercialization of the paranormal. It also includes a worldwide convention schedule for the paranormal. Progressive Connexions, situated in the United Kingdom, is a nonprofit network of which Supernatural Connections is a component.


Octi pioneers the use of augmented reality to blend the material world with the virtual one. Octi users have the ability to incorporate dynamic objects and scenarios in their films. The more active you are on the site, the more opportunities you will have to win virtual Octi Coins. Octi Coins may be used to buy digital and physical things from your favorite businesses.


Discover new discussions, listen in, and contribute your own thoughts with the help of Clubhouse, a social audio app. Clubhouse is a social networking platform that allows its members to meet new people and start discussions about any topic they choose. You may get the Clubhouse app from the ITunes Store or Google Play.


CloutHub is a social network where users can talk to one another about causes they care about and the world’s most critical concerns. It’s a meeting place for people interested in a wide range of causes. You can do the same things you can do on any other social network, like find like-minded individuals and organize groups.

Twitter Spaces

With Twitter Spaces, you can organize and participate in real-time Twitter chats without leaving your own timeline. You may start or join a live audio discussion at any time and from any location. If you’re hosting a Space, you and your co-hosts may have up to 11 speakers and two moderators.


With HalloApp, you can talk to people you genuinely know online without worrying about prying eyes. In contrast to other social networking sites, you can really call these folks to talk to them. There are no advertisements or “influencers” to distract you from your friends and family on HalloApp.


Polywork is a social network with the goal of connecting people who work in different fields. You may make a free personal website on which you can share information about yourself and your interests, both in and out of the workplace. Users may also reach out to others in the Polywork community by sending a cooperation request. There is a waiting for the site at the moment, but you may follow Polywork on Twitter or ask an existing member for an invite.


You may have your pals help you build your social profile on this photo-sharing app. If you’re a user of Poparazzi, you may reciprocate by creating a profile for your buddy. You will be notified when a Poparazzi user captures you on camera. Your friends will be the ones to create your profile, but you may still choose which photographs you want to include or exclude. The software is available for download from both the ITunes Store and Google Play.


When compared to other similar applications, such as WhatsApp and Messenger, Honk is a viable option. It allows for instant communication, keeping you abreast of developments. Anything you type, including deletions and corrections, will be immediately visible to your contact. Honk lacks features seen in other messaging programs, such as a send button and a conversation history.

Your friend or colleague isn’t now online? To grab their attention, use the Honk button. In addition to chatting, sharing, and playing games (Emoji combat) with your Honk friends is also possible.


The members of MyAnimeList share a passion for Japanese animation and comics. Since its inception in 2004, it has consistently ranked among the most popular anime and manga fan communities on the internet. MyAnimeList is a website that allows you to keep track of the anime and manga you’ve seen or read. You may talk about your favorite manga and anime with other fans and receive the latest news and information. The network also features news on anime and manga, so you can learn about the industry as a whole. More than 500,000 people use this worldwide database each and every day, and they come from more than 200 different countries.

Barista Exchange

Is coffee something you enjoy? If that’s the case, read on. Barista Exchange is the coffee industry’s specialized social media platform. Make your own profile on the Barista Exchange and start talking to other coffee lovers right now. Participate in coffee-related conversations and peruse its Classifieds to learn more about local roasters, specialty shops, and more. You may participate in group conversations and join groups just as you would on any other social network. Job seekers and employers may both benefit from using Barista Exchange.


Flip is a social shopping app where users may watch videos presented by professional shoppers to learn more about the newest goods in the beauty and fashion industries. Imagine a combination of a social network and an online shop.


Rumble is a video hosting and streaming platform that connects artists with brands and publishers in addition to their followers, allowing them to host, distribute, and monetise their content. You may use Rumble to make your own video player, trade videos with complete transparency and statistics, and even manage and make money off of your content.

Stage 32

We at Stage 32 are committed to building a community of people who make movies, TV shows, and digital entertainment. There are already over 800,000 artists and professionals contributing to the growth of this community, which is centered on networking and offering access to education in the entertainment business. In addition, it provides its users with a platform to connect with other professionals in the entertainment business for mentorship, consultations, and more.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams facilitates simple communication with loved ones, acquaintances, and coworkers. Microsoft Teams integrates calling, chatting, and video sharing into a single platform. You may cooperate with your network and exchange ideas by uploading and downloading files and documents.


Patreon is a platform where artists may promote their work and get financial support from their patrons on a recurring basis. As compared to other social media platforms, Patreon gives artists more autonomy over their work’s ownership and financial rewards. Since its inception in 2013, the platform has attracted over 250,000 producers and eight million customers.

Spotify Liv

The purpose of Spotify Live is to host real-time audio chats. Via these virtual spaces, fans can listen to and participate with their favorite producers and sportsmen while they produce live audio content. The greatest thing is that a Premium subscription is not required to use this function. You may start listening right now after installing the Spotify Live app and creating an account.


Substack is modernizing newsletters for the web. Users of the site may make their own newsletters and communicate with their fans in a personal way. It’s based on a subscription service, so readers may pay the authors directly. Substack gives you full control over your content, IP, and subscriber list. You may move your existing blog over to Substack. You may also record podcasts using this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which social network has the most users?

Here, we’ve discussed a wide variety of popular social networking platforms. Facebook, however, remains the most popular social network despite the emergence of several other platforms in recent years. Facebook said in the second quarter of 2022 that it had 2.9 billion DAUs (DAU). YouTube has 2.4 billion MAU, is the second most popular social network, and has 100 million hours of daily video content.

What are the top 5 social media sites?

In this article, we have discussed a wide range of social networking platforms. As approximately 4.7 billion individuals are already active on social media, there is a wide variety of applications to choose from. According to MAU rankings, the top five social networks are as follows:

– Facebook – 2.9 Billion
– YouTube – 2.6 Billion
– WhatsApp – 2 Billion
– Instagram – 2 Billion
– Facebook Messenger – 1.3 Billion
– TikTok – 1 Billion

What app will replace Instagram?

Instagram claims that they are still growing and that they can’t be competed with. More than a billion people now use it daily, making it the sixth most popular social app overall. In order to compete with Instagram, any successor would need to prioritize photo sharing. This points to a social media platform with a strong emphasis on images, like Imgur, Flickr, Snapseed, or Retrica.

What social media is best?

Choosing the best social network is difficult. It’s totally up to you and your own preferences. Facebook is the place to go if you care about fitting in with the masses. YouTube is the go-to site for video fans, but if you’re looking for something shorter, try TikTok (or even Byte for video snippets). Twitter is great for fast feedback. While many people like pinning photos on Pinterest, Instagram is the most popular social app for sharing photographs.

Who uses Instagram the most?

Instagram is used by a diverse group of individuals. The United States accounts for 60% of its total consumers. Around two-thirds of Instagrammers check in at least once a day. Instagram has more women than men as users (56.3% to 43.7%). Seventy-two percent of youngsters have used Instagram at least once. Between 35% and 40% of Instagram users are between the ages of 25 and 34.

How does FB make money?

Facebook relies heavily on advertising to make money. Total advertising income for the corporation in Q2 2022 was $82.4 billion, an increase over the same period in 2021. Facebook’s reliance on advertising is clear when one considers that in 2021, 97.5% of the company’s $118 billion in revenue came from this source alone.

What age group is on Instagram?

Instagram has supporters of all ages, but the young tend to be its biggest advocates. Instagram is the most popular social media platform among American teenagers, according to a survey. If we break down Instagram users by age:

18-24-year-olds: 75% use Instagram
25-30-year-olds: 57% use Instagram
31-49-year-olds: 47% use Instagram
50-64-year-olds: 23% use Instagram
65-year-olds +: 8% use Instagram

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