How to Hack Facebook Account ID Password Facebook Id Hacking Tricks 2023

Facebook is the most popular website on the social network. On Facebook, all people share all kinds of photos of themselves getting up, eating, drinking, and roaming around with their friends, and they maintain contact with their friends and relatives. In the world of the Internet, as the users of the Internet increase, the danger of cybercrime also increases.

People want to learn hacking these days, so they keep looking for things like “how to hack Facebook,” “how to hack someone else’s Facebook account,” “how to hack Facebook ID,” “how to hack mobile,” “how to hack mobile,” etc., on Google. Hacking Tricks: How to Hack, How to Hack WhatsApp, How to Hack Instagram, and Many More

Can Facebook accounts be hacked? Even though it’s not easy to hack Facebook, nothing is hard on the internet. There are some hacking tricks you can use to get into someone’s Facebook ID or account.

Hacking into someone else’s phone or account of any kind is against the law, so we shouldn’t hack into anyone’s account.

We’ve also told you how to hack WhatsApp. If you want to hack someone’s phone by sending them an SMS, read this post: How to Hack Mobile by Sending SMS. This post will help you hack mobile. Will be very helpful.

So, you should read this post. Now, we’ll tell you how to hack anyone’s Facebook account and what the best way hack a Facebook accaccount is.

How to Hack Facebook Account ID Password Facebook Id Hacking Tricks

Facebook Hacking Hindi: Hack Facebook Account Free

I’ll tell you how to find out the password of a Facebook account so that you can keep your own account from being hacked and know how people can hack any other Facebook account. Are.

So, Aaiye Sikhe, what are some hacking tricks that can be used to get someone’s Facebook password? There are many ways to hack a Facebook account, but I’ll tell you the simple and easy way that you can use to hack your friend or girlfriend. The password to a Facebook account can be broken.

Alert: This article is only for educational purposes; do not misuse it!

How do I hack a Facebook account password?

Step 1: First of all, go to and create your account.

Step 2: Click on Sign Up at the top to create an account.

Step 3: After clicking on Sign up, a form will open. Fill in the information given below.
  1. Enter your username.
  2. Enter your password,
  3. Re-enter the same password,
  4. Enter your email ID,
  5. Select your age,
  6. Select your country.
  7. Click on I’m not a robot,
  8. Now click on Sign up in the last column.

Step 4: After clicking on Sign Up, your account will be created, and you will reach your account.

Facebook link copy

Step 5: Now a list of many websites will appear here; in this list, you have to copy the link in front of the Facebook Normal option.

And whoever wants to hack a Facebook account has to send this link. When he clicks on this link, he will have the option to login to Facebook. When he enters his username and password, then his Facebook user will login. The name and password will be saved on the website.

Now it comes to knowing how to find out the hacked username and password. This is a very important question: whose Facebook account have we hacked? How do we find out the user name and password now, friends?

How to know the victim’s username and password

Friends, when someone logins from the link sent by you, his username and password are saved in your account.

Step 1: Log in to your account.

Click on My Victims

Step 2: Now click on My Victims. As soon as you click on Total Victims, the username and password of all the hacked accounts will be shown in front of you. Here you will see the username and password of all the accounts sent by you. After you have logged in from the link, you can see all the details of his Facebook account by using that username and password.

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Facebook hacking website: hack Facebook account online

The name of another website to hack Facebook accounts is First of all, visit this website; you will have to verify Captcha as soon as you visit.

After that, click on the sign up button on the top, enter your username, password, confirm password, enter your gmail id, set your age, flat country, then verify captcha by clicking on I am not a robot, then After that, click on the Sign up button in the last column.

After creating an account, copy the link in front of Facebook and send that link to anyone whose Facebook account you want to hack. If anyone clicks on that link and enters their Facebook username and password, it will be saved on this website, so you can see him and hack his Facebook account.

Hacking Facebook accounts by email

It’s very easy to hack someone’s Facebook account through their email address. You don’t have to go to a third-party website or download a third-party app, but you do need to know the name and address of their email address. This is how the Facebook account you want to create was made.

Step 1: Get the person’s email address that they used to create their Facebook account. If you know more about hacking, you can use a tool like Harvester to get all of the login information. If you want to take over the account of a close friend or partner, like your girlfriend or boyfriend, you don’t need to worry about these things. You can also take advantage of how trusting some people are when they show off their Facebook pages.

Step 2: Open the login page of the person whose Facebook account is to be hacked.

Step 3: Now click on ‘Forgot Password? Tap on the popup for more prompts to take further action.

Step 4: Now Facebook will ask you to provide your recovery email ID. But you do not have access to the email address, so you have to click on the “ No longer have access to these ” link.

Step 5: After that, you will be asked to provide an alternate email ID. You will need to provide an email ID of yours that is not associated with the Facebook account you want to monitor.

Step 6: You will be asked a few questions to prove that you have the account linked to the password you are trying to reset. If you know the target user well enough, it will be easier for you to guess the right answers. After answering those questions, you can easily change the password without ever finding out who the real account owner is.

Step 7: If you fail in the previous step, you can use your friends to help you reset the password for that account.

For this, you will select three friends and create fake Facebook accounts in their names. Armed with these fake accounts, it will be easy to clear past records, as Facebook will contact those “friends” for verification.

Step 8: After being successful with the earlier steps, you will get an email notification at the alternate email address you provided. From there, you can reset the password and access the account you want to hack.

Hacking a Facebook account through the Monitoring App

Today, there are a lot of monitoring apps on the market that can be used to hack not only someone’s Facebook account but also their whole phone. One of these apps is called MSPY.

After putting the MSpy app on a phone, you can keep an eye on that phone and see what websites it visits and what its username and password are. The steps to do it are listed below.

  • First of all go to mspy website and create a new account.
  • After creating an account, login to your account, and fill the details of the mobile you want to hack.
  • After that from here you will get to download mspy app, it has to be installed in the mobile which you want to monitor.
  • After installing you have to login with the same username and password.
  • After logging in, click on the Start monitoring/tracking option.
  • After doing just that this application will be hide and will start working in background, whenever he will open facebook account in his browser and will enter facebook username and password, then you can see it in your mspy account .

Using works the same way as the website above. When you first visit the site, you have to create an account. After that, you can log in with your username and password.

After logging in, you will see many links. Copy any of these links and send them to the person whose Facebook account you want to hack. As soon as he understands the Facebook link, he will put his login and password into it. Save his password here. Will go, and you’ll be able to see that then.

You have to copy this link and paste it in your browser.

How do I recover a hacked Facebook account?

Friends, we have already written a post for this called Hacked Facebook Account Ko Recover Kaise Kare, in which you will learn how to recover your Facebook account after it has been hacked. By reading this post, you will learn how to hack a Facebook account, which is to know the password of a Facebook account, and how someone can hack someone’s Facebook account ID password. Now, we’ll tell you how to hack Facebook accounts and recover them.

What if your Facebook account gets hacked?

Your hacked Facebook account could also send unwanted emails, change your personal information, or even change your email address and password. All of these are bad things that you should try to avoid. There is a simple way to find out if someone else has used your Facebook account.

Can I recover my Facebook account if it is hacked?

If someone broke into your account, they might have set up two-factor security with their own phone number. This means you’ll need a special log-in code to get around that requirement and come back, which will require you to fill out another form and send your ID again.

Does changing your password stop hackers?

Yes, if you change your password, hackers won’t be able to get into your account. If you change your account password as soon as you notice an attack, the damage is lessened. Changing your password often is another way to make it safer. When data breaches happen, the stolen passwords are often out of date.

People hack into Facebook accounts all the time now. Whether you want to hack a Facebook account to find out if someone is cheating on you, get back a lost password, or do something else, it’s important to know what the risks are and how to do it.

Facebook hacking trick FAQ

A complete list of all the most frequently asked inquiries regarding the hacking of Facebook accounts can be found below.

  1. What techniques are often used to hack Facebook accounts ?

Most of the time, Facebook accounts are broken into through phishing, brute force attempts, or social engineering. In order to get the victim’s login information, phishing involves making a fake login page. In a brute-force attack, different combinations of passwords are tried until the right one is found. The goal of social engineering is to get the target to give up their password.

  1. What Prohibits Facebook Account Hacking?

It is against the law to hack into someone’s Facebook account because it invades their privacy and makes their personal information public. It also goes against Facebook’s Terms of Service and is illegal, which means it could lead to fines and jail time.

  1. Can Facebook account be hacked without user’s knowledge?

Even though it’s not a good idea, it is possible to get into someone else’s Facebook account without them knowing. This is the wrong and evil thing to do. Facebook users have a right to privacy, and getting into their accounts without their permission is against the law.

  1. Is it easy to hack facebook account?

Hacking a Facebook account can be easy or hard, depending on the method used and how much protection the account owner has set up. As an example, social engineering methods may require more complex manipulation than brute force attacks, which may take a long time to find the right password. Because Facebook is designed to keep user information and privacy safe, there is no surefire way to log into an account.

  1. How can your Facebook account be protected from hackers?

Use a strong password, turn on two-factor authentication, and be careful when clicking on strange links and messages to keep hackers from getting into your Facebook account. Don’t tell anyone your login information, and don’t use public Wi-Fi networks.

  1. What are the consequences of hacking someone else’s Facebook account?

If you hack into someone else’s Facebook account, you could be fined, sent to jail, or have your image hurt. Also, it is a breach of trust and secrecy, which can hurt relationships.

  1. How to recover Facebook account without hacking?

If you forget your Facebook password, you can still get back into your account without hacking. You can start by using Facebook’s account restore tool to try to change your password. If this doesn’t work, you can ask for more help from Facebook’s support staff.


Finally, breaking into someone’s Facebook account is a serious crime that can result in legal consequences and damage to their reputation. This article is just for information; does not endorse this type of activity. It is important to respect other people’s privacy and trust as well as refrain from acting unethically. If you’ve lost your password or are facing other account-related problems, there are legitimate and ethical ways to recover your Facebook password without resorting to hacking techniques.

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Friends, you must now have an understanding of how to hack a Facebook account password. Since there are more chances to hack a Facebook account when there are many likes, you can try this type of Beware of Hacking Tricks.

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