What is System Restore Point – How to Create Restore Point in Windows 10

System Restore Point is a wonderful feature in Windows 10, but very few people know about it, what is Restore Point, today we will discuss it in detail, what is System Restore Point, System Restore Point in Windows 10 How to create, and use a System Restore Point when needed.

Earlier we told you, what is Windows 10 Active Hours and how to use it , this is also a very amazing feature of Windows 10, while working through this feature, you can prevent Windows 10 from updating automatically, Apart from this, we have told you about how to create a New User Account in Windows 10 . Now let us know what is System Restore Point in Windows 10 and how it works.

What is System Restore?

System Restore: Sometimes suddenly there is a fault in our system, the system hangs, it should be due to installing any software, or due to virus in the computer, in such a situation we can restore the system. Can, but restoring the system comes back to the same state in which we installed Windows, it increases the speed of the computer, but deletes all the software that was installed after installing Windows. Was.

What is System Restore Point?

System Restore Point allows you to go back to the state in which you created the System Restore Point. Let us understand in detail how System Restore Point works.

Suppose you have just installed Windows on the computer, and have installed all your necessary software, drivers in it, now your computer is performing well, the computer has very good speed and is working very well, in this situation In this you can create a System Restore Point.

Anytime after that, while installing any software or for any reason, Windows malfunctions, the system hangs, then you can restore the System Restore Point and return to the same state in which you have Restore Point was created. Restore points include software, drivers, and system settings.

So now you must have understood, how restore point works in Windows 10 and how beneficial it can prove to be for you, let us now know how to create and use restore point on Windows 10.

How to create Restore Point in Windows 10

Step 1 – First type create a restore point in the search bar at the bottom of the taskbar, then click on create a restore point at the top.

Step 2 – Now a popup window will open, select C-Drive in the protection settings box and click on Configure .

Step 3 – Now a new popup will open, tick mark Turn on system protection and click on Apply then OK .

Step 4 – Now click on Create button under Configure , then a popup will open type the name of your restore point, and again click on Create button.

Step 5 – Now your system restore point will be created in a short while, now close the window that is open and click on the OK button.

How to use Restore Point in Windows 10

By following the steps mentioned above, you have created Restore Point, now it comes how to use Restore Point, whenever something goes wrong in your system, you want your computer to come back to the same state. In case you had created Restore Point, its information is given below.

Step 1 – Open the restore point by typing create a restore point in the search box of Taskbar as mentioned above .

Step 2 – Now in the popup window that has opened, click on System Restore .

Step 3 – Now click on the NEXT button.

Step 4 – Now you will see all the restore points you have created, select any point, you can know by clicking on Scan for affected programs , by restoring this setting, which of your programs are affected Which programs will be deleted, then click on the NEXT button.

Step 5 – After that click on the Finish button , now a popup will open asking you to confirm the restore point, click on the YES button.

After that your computer will restart and will come in the same state in which the restore point was created.

So I hope now you know and learned what is System Restore Point – How to Create and Use Restore Point in Windows 10, Restore Point allows you to go back to the old state, restore the computer completely. After setting up from, Restore Point of Settings must be made, so that it can be restored anytime if needed.

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