What is Safe Mode and how to turn on/off Safe Mode 2023

Today we are going to tell you what is Safe Mode and how to turn on/off Safe Mode? What is the simple and easy way to remove Safe , why should be used in mobile, what are the benefits of using Safe Mode, and at what time Safe Mode should be used in mobile, what happens by using Safe Mode, why use it, in Will discuss about all in detail.

What is Safe Mode? – What is Safe Mode in Hindi

What is Safe Mode? Friends, if you are an Android mobile user, then you must have heard about Safe Mode, sometimes Safe Mode automatically turns on in mobile, why does Safe Mode come? When we turn on the mobile, the key to activate Safe Mode is pressed by our hands, due to which Safe Mode is activated in the mobile.

What is Safe Mode in Hindi – Safe Mode means safe mode, that is, now your mobile is in safe board, if Safe Mode Automatic has become ON in your mobile too, then this question must have come in your mind, what is Safe Mode and How to Disable Safe Mode, if your answer is yes, then read the post carefully because in this post we are going to tell you the complete details of Safe Mode in Mobile and Computer.

How Safe Mode Works in Mobile

How to do Safe Mode in mobile

Safe Mode is a feature available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In this diagnostic mode, third-party programs are disabled, while only the main software of the device is functioning, which allows you to troubleshoot problems.

Your mobile device usually loads the operating system with a basic set of drivers and services when you boot it in Safe Mode. This mode turns off every third-party software you have installed, making sure to avoid any problems brought on by those apps. You can find out if a program is causing problems, such as crashes, freezes, or draining the battery, by working in Safe Mode.

You can remove or disable troublesome apps, clear app cache, and take other corrective actions in Safe Mode to fix the underlying problem. If the device works normally in Safe Mode, it means that a third-party software is probably responsible for the problem, making it possible for you to find and uninstall the offending app.

On most Android smartphones, you can perform the following steps:

Press and hold the Power button to bring up the Power menu.
Select “Power off” or “Restart” and keep holding the button.
A popup will ask you if you want to restart in Safe Mode. Then choose “OK” or “Restart in safe mode”.
Remember that the specific process may differ depending on the device and Android version you’re using. To find out the exact methods, it is advised to refer to the device manufacturer’s documentation or run an online search specifically for your device model and Android version.

There is no official Safe Mode option for iOS devices. On iOS, you can troubleshoot problems by restarting the device, closing troubling apps, updating software, or, if necessary, performing a factory reset.

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How Does Safe Mode Work in a Computer?

How to do Safe Mode in Computer

Many operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and some Linux variants, have a diagnostic startup mode called “Safe Mode”. It aims to troubleshoot difficulties by loading only the necessary system components, drivers, and services, while avoiding external software and drivers that may be problematic.

When a computer or device enters Safe Mode during bootup, it often uses a minimum of drivers and programs to provide a stable environment to identify and fix problems. This mode can help detect and fix problems including malware infections, software conflicts, bad drivers, and system faults that interfere with proper functioning.

To maintain stability, the operating system may disable certain capabilities and restrict functionality in Safe Mode. For example, there may be a lack of network connectivity and only the most basic graphics drivers may be loaded. This simplified setup aids in problem isolation and enables users to remove problematic software, update drivers, or complete other troubleshooting procedures.

Usually, you have to restart your device and press a special key or set of keys while it’s booting up to activate Safe Mode. Depending on the operating system and device manufacturer, several methods are used.

It is important to note that Safe Mode is primarily a diagnostic tool and not meant for everyday use. After the underlying problem is fixed, you can restart the computer in regular mode to regain full functionality.

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Why use Safe Mode in mobile?

Safe Mode is a very good picture of Android mobile, by activating it, all the third party applications in the mobile are disabled, suppose your mobile is hanging again and again, viruses have come in the mobile and Any application is crashing, even after uninstalling that application is not getting uninstalled , in such condition you can deactivate all those third party applications by turning on safe mode in your mobile.

After turning on Safe Mode, no third party application will appear in the menu bar of your mobile, nor will it work, turning on Safe Mode keeps the mobile safe and increases the speed of the mobile, when the mobile is bought and brought. Yes, the mobile comes in the same condition.

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How to turn on Safe Mode in mobile phone – How to turn on safe mode on android

I hope you have got complete information about what is Safe Mode, how Safe Mode works, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Safe Mode, now let us tell you how to do Safe Mode on, for this you follow the following steps, we You are going to tell 3 ways to turn on Safe Mode, the way to turn on safe mode in different company mobiles may be slightly different.

The First way to turn on Safe Mode

  1. First of all, press and hold the power button of your mobile {Long Press}.  
  2. Now you will see the Power off option , you have to press Power off  for a while, that is, keep your finger ticked.
  3. Now you will see the option of Reboot To Safe Mode , click on OK .

Now your mobile will be restarted, and when the mobile is on, you will see that Safe Mode has been activated in your mobile, the option of safe mode will appear in the bottom corner of the mobile, this method is Lava, LG, HTC, Intex, Sony company Will work in android mobile.

Another way to turn on Safe Mode

If the first method is not working in your mobile, then you follow the following steps.

  1.  First of all restart the mobile by pressing the Power off button .
  2. After that , when the logo of the mobile appears, then you have to press and hold the Volume Down Button as well.
  3. That is, when the mobile is visible to people, you have to press and hold both the Power and Volume Down Button .
  4. Until the mobile is ON, after the mobile is ON, you will see that Safe Mode has been activated in your mobile, this method will work in most of the company’s mobiles .

Third way to turn on Safe Mode

If any of the methods mentioned above is not working on your mobile, then you have to type in your browser  how to turn on safe mode intex 5.5 vr+ and then search, instead of intex 5.5 vr+  you will find your You have to type the mobile model number, then open the first number or second number link, you can turn on Safe Mode in your mobile by following the steps mentioned in it.

I told you 3 ways to turn on Safe Mode in Android mobile, I hope one of these methods will definitely work for you, now let’s talk about how to remove or close Safe Mode off/Deactivate.

How to do Safe Mode off/Deactivate? – How to Remove Safe Mode on Android

Safe mode won’t turn off is very easy, for this you do not need to do anything special, just switch off your mobile, after switching off you will see that safe mode has been deactivated from your mobile.

How to Get out of Safe Mode?

Reboot your Android device. Tap Restart or reboot in the window that appears when you press the “Power” button. Doing so almost always gets your Android out of safe mode. Repeat the same steps again if your Android keeps restarting in safe mode.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Safe Mode

Along with the advantages of Safe Mode, Safe Mode also has some disadvantages, now we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Safe Mode.

Advantages of Safe Mode

Till now you know what is Safe Mode and what happens by turning on Save Mode, now let us tell you the benefits of Safe Mode, what are the benefits of turning on Save Mode in mobile.

  • Mobile will never hang by turning on safe mode.
  • By turning on the safe mode, the speed of the mobile increases.
  • Turning on safe mode saves battery and makes mobile battery last longer.
  • Internet data is saved by turning on Safe Mode because by turning it on all third party applications are disabled.
  • Whichever third party application is not being uninstalled, all those third party applications can be disabled by turning on Safe Mode Turn ON.

Disadvantages of Safe Mode

By the way, there is no harm in Safe Mode, but if you use third party applications in your mobile, then you will not be able to use them because after turning on Safe Mode, all those third applications will be disabled and will not even appear in the mobile menu. , so you will not be able to use it, but if you do not use third party applications, then using Safe Mode can prove to be very beneficial for you, as I mentioned above.

Safe Mode FAQ

What does Safe Mode do?

Safe Mode Safe Mode is designed to help you diagnose problems with your apps and widgets, but it turns off parts of your phone. Pressing or holding certain buttons during start-up will bring up recovery mode. For help with any step on your device, go to the Devices page, select your device, and find the steps there.

How to turn off safe mode?

The easiest way to turn off safe mode is to simply restart your mobile phone. You can turn off your mobile phone in safe mode just like you can in normal mode – simply press and hold the Power button until the power icon appears on the screen, and tap it. When it turns back on, it should be in normal mode again.

What is the safe mode of the phone?

When in Safe Mode, your Android temporarily stops any third party applications from running. It is possible that your Android encountered an app error, malware, or some other operating system blip. Safe Mode can also be a way to diagnose any issues with your Android.

What is Safe Mode in Android?

Safe Mode is a feature on the Android operating system that is used to resolve issues with configuration or app incompatibilities. Resuming the device in this mode will load only the main applications of the system. Depending on your device model and operating system, you can disable Safe Mode by encrypting your Android device.

How do I start my Android phone in Safe Mode?

Press the power button of your phone. When the animation starts, press and hold the Volume Down button on your phone. Keep holding it until the animation ends and your phone starts in Safe Mode. You will see “Safe Mode” at the bottom of your screen.

What is Safe Mode in Samsung?

What is Safe Mode? Using Safe Mode on a Samsung phone or tablet allows you to force the device to run the required operating system, and disable most third party apps. It’s designed as a diagnostic tool to help resolve issues with connectivity, battery life, and more.

What does safe mode mean?

In operating systems, especially for computers and mobile devices, the term “safe mode” refers to a diagnostic startup mode. By removing unused parts and third-party programs, it enables the device to boot with a minimum of drivers and software. Users can boot into Safe Mode to check and fix problems caused by software conflicts, bad drivers, or malware infections. It provides a stable environment free of software intervention that is not strictly necessary for problem diagnosis and repair, making it easier to find and resolve problems.

What is Reboot in Safe Mode?

In Safe Mode, Android will not load any third-party apps. This allows you to troubleshoot your device – if you’re experiencing crashes, freezes, or battery life issues, you can boot into Safe Mode and see if the issues still occur. From Safe Mode, you can uninstall misbehaving third-party apps.

How do I turn off safe mode without the power button?

If Safe Mode won’t turn off on your Android, here are 5 methods you should try now to get out of Safe Mode.
Restart your phone.
Use the notification panel to disable Safe Mode.
Use key combinations (Power + Volume)
to check for faulty apps on your Android device.
Perform a factory reset on your Android device.

How to remove safe mode from your Samsung phone?

How to disable safe mode on samsung device. Hold down the physical Power button and tap on Restart. Swipe down from the top to open the notification panel. Tap Safe mode ON, then tap TURN OFF to confirm.


In this post, I told you what is Safe Mode, how Safe Mode works, why Safe Mode should be used, what are the benefits of Safe Mode and what are the disadvantages of Safe Mode, how to turn on Safe Mode, how to turn off Safe Mode , You must have got complete information about all these, I hope like every time what is Safe Mode and how to turn on/off Safe Mode? You must have also liked the post Simple way to remove Safe Mode , if any question regarding this post is arising in your mind, then you can tell us by commenting.

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