Recover Permanently Deleted Photos Android

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Recover Permanently Deleted Photos Android

Recover Permanently Deleted Photos Android

The Trash feature in Google Photos, the stock gallery app for all Android phones and tablets, is a convenient place to save discarded media files. You may keep images taken offline for 30 days and stuff from your backups for 60 days in the Trash. Following that, all of your media is gone for good. Use these instructions to restore your lost data if you’re still inside the allowed time range.

  1. Get out your Android device and fire up Google Photos.
  2. Access the Library sub-menu.
  3. On the upper right, click the trash icon.
  4. Hold down on the media you’d want to retrieve for a long time.
  5. Choose the Pictures tab’s main menu and tap the Restore button in its lower right corner.

One of the best methods to retrieve lost images from an Android device is by using Google Photos.

Recover Deleted Photos from Gallery from Google Drive

All Android devices come with Google Drive pre-installed as their default cloud storage solution. With 15GB of storage at no cost, it is still one of the best places for Android users to save their media and work data. You may access anything you’ve deleted from Google Drive or Google Pictures within 30 days by visiting the Trash. After 30 days, the software deletes the garbage forever.

  1. Open Google Drive on your Android mobile phone.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner.
  3. Select Trash.
  4. Press and hold the photographs you want to retrieve. A kebab menu (three dots) will appear; tap it.
  5. Select Restore.

You can now check your restored photos in Google Drive.

After 30 days, if you don’t notice your error or have an online backup, you’ll need to employ a third-party service to get your photographs back. When it comes to retrieving lost media files, iMobie’s DroidKit is the best desktop option available. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use, making the procedure simple even for those without technical training.

Fast Recovery, Deep Recovery, and SD Card Recovery are the three data recovery options available in DroidKit. The choice you make should be contextual. You may avoid the hassle of rooting your Android device by installing Fast Recovery. DroidKit quickly examines the phone for previously erased pictures. Let’s go right into seeing DroidKit in action.

  1. Get yourself a copy of DroidKit and set it up on your PC.
  2. To quickly recover your data from your device, open DroidKit and go to the Data Recovery option.
  3. Choose a file format to scan on your Android device. To begin, make sure the box next to Photographs and Videos is checked.
  4. Get a data cord and plug it into your PC and Smartphone. Click Start.
  5. DroidKit can help you recover lost data from your phone. Preview the files and choose the pictures you need back from your Android’s gallery.
  6. Choose photographs, then tap either To Device to save them to your Android phone or To PC to save them to your computer.
  7. Choose the location you want to export to in the next window, then press Save.

This is a video demonstration that will take you through the full procedure.

It settles the matter. You may now use the target device to see the retrieved images. Deleted images may be recovered from a crashed Samsung Galaxy cellphone using DroidKit.

Get Back Your Deleted Photos in No Time

DroidKit’s capabilities extend well beyond the retrieval of lost media files. It supports over 20,000 different Android devices and can retrieve up to 12 different file kinds from them. The program can get WhatsApp conversations, videos, and call records, as well as remove the FRP lock and extract data. It’s the last set of tools you’ll ever need for your Android phone.

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