In Whose Name is the Vehicle? How to Know

Do you want to know  in whose name is the car? How to find out , then you have reached the right website, because in this post we are telling you how to find out the name of the owner of the vehicle by the vehicle number, in which you will know, in whose name the vehicle is going from the vehicle number. Find out the name of the owner from the vehicle number Find out who is the owner from the vehicle number If you are planning to buy Bike, Car or any other vehicle, then you must want to know the details of the vehicle Registration Number Read the post till the end to know how to check vehicle owner details by.

Vehicle has become an important part of our life, whether it is a motorcycle or a car, we need it everyday to go from one place to another, but sometimes we need to know the name of the owner of the vehicle, Whether it is an accident or buying an old car, it is very important to know the details of the owner of the vehicle.

How to Know in Whose Name the Vehicle is Registered?

In Whose Name is the Vehicle? How to Know

If the owner of the car is lying to you while buying a used car, then in today’s time there are many ways by which you can find out the model of the car, the details of the car owner in a jiffy. In this post, we are telling you 3 ways to know in whose name the vehicle is, the vehicle number which is written on the vehicle number plate, by that number you can find out, which state the vehicle belongs to, who Se belongs to the district, but the name of the owner of the car is not written on it.

There are 3 ways to find out the name of the owner from the vehicle number, the first way is by downloading the application in your mobile, you can extract the name of the owner of any vehicle, in this way you must have a smartphone, and the second way is through the online website In this, you must have a smartphone or a computer.

The third way is through SMS, you can know the name of the owner of the vehicle by sending a message from your mobile, this is the simplest and easiest method, for this it is necessary to have balance in your mobile, but you can also do this from keypad mobile . If you can, then let’s know about these three one by one.

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How to Know Vehicle Owner Name by Number online

How to Know Vehicle Owner Name by Number online

If you do not want to download the application in mobile, then you   can use website, after visiting the website, click  on Know Your Vehicle Details Click, you can go directly to this page from here, then enter the vehicle number in Enter vehicle number, after that you have to solve the captcha below, as shown in the screenshot, 6 + 10 = 16, then in this way You have to type and then click on the search vehicle button below, just by doing this the complete details of that vehicle will appear in front of you.

You can see the following details of the vehicle through this website .

Registration Number

Owner Name

Registration Date

Vehicle Class or Type

Fuel Type

Manufacturer and Model Name

Fitness or Registration Expiry Date

Road Tax Details

Insurance Expiry Date

Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC) Expiry Date

Chassis and Engine Number (Partially Visible)

Emission Norms Details

Status of the Registration Certificate

Car Number owner Name App


gadi number se malik ka naam app name is “mParivahan” this is a very amazing application, it can prove to be very useful at the time of any accident, you can know the name of the owner by typing the car number in it, You can download it for free from the Google Play Store, it has a rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store, which is a very good rating, and has been downloaded by 10,000,000+ people so far. By looking at its rating and downloads, you can find out what a great application it is.

How to use mParivahan

  • It is very easy to use, first of all download it from Google Play Store, you   can also download it from here .
  • After that open the app, after opening you will get many options on the home page,
  • You have to select RC.
  • After that, type the register number of the vehicle whose details are to be extracted.
  • Then click on search, just by doing this the details of that vehicle will appear in front of you and you will know whose name is this number.

How to Know Whose Name is the Car App

If you are looking for a tool that enables you to track the ownership of a vehicle in India, then use the Vahan4U app. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India provides a smartphone app called Vahan4U. Users can access multiple services related to vehicles through it, including ownership information. Vahan4U app can be used to:

Download and Install the App: To download the App, search and download Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS by typing “Vahan4U”.

Register and log in: Open the app, then complete the registration process by entering the required information, such as your email address and mobile number. After registration, use your login information to access the app.

Enter Vehicle Registration Number: On the home screen of the app there is a space to enter the vehicle registration number. Tap on the vehicle you want to know more about and enter the registration number. Make sure that you have typed the registration number correctly and without making any mistake.

Get Ownership Details: The app will search the National Vehicle Registration Database after getting the vehicle registration number and return the ownership information of that vehicle. The name, address and other relevant information about the registered owner will be provided.

Additional Services: The Vahan4U app provides several additional services apart from ownership information, which include vehicle fitness certificate, tax payment status, permit information, hypothecation status and much more. Depending on your needs, you can explore these options within the app.

Remember that privacy rules and regulations may apply when accessing personal data from automobile registration records. Make sure you have used the knowledge you acquired in an ethical and responsible manner.

Know Vehicle owner Name By Sending SMS

If you do not have a computer or smartphone or you do not have internet facility, then you can know the name of the owner of the vehicle by just sending a message from your keypad mobile, for this you have to send an SMS, keep in mind that you have to send SMS. It is necessary to have balance in mobile.

VAHAN <Space> Vehicle Registration Number

Example: VAHAN RJ01GS4xx4 then send this to 7738299899 then you will receive an SMS with full vehicle details like owner name, RTO details, make and model, RC/FC expiry, insurance details.

How to Know Address from Vehicle Number

If you are thinking, how to know the address from the vehicle number, then would like to tell that at present there is no way to know the address of any vehicle owner through the vehicle number, because it is against the security of the vehicle owner. This can lead to privacy leak.

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How to Know in Whose Name the Bike is

In whose name is the bike? how to know

By doing the following in India, you can determine who is the owner of a bike or any other type of vehicle:

Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC): An important document that contains information about the ownership of a vehicle is the Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC). You can see the name of the owner of the bike on the physical copy of the RC provided by the owner. The RC contains information about the owner, which includes his name, address, registration number, engine number and chassis number. Ask the owner to display the RC so that you can verify it.

Vahan e-Services: The Vahan: e-Services website ( ) operated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, provides users access to the country’s car registration database. , Although the website mainly provides transportation related services, you can use it to verify the ownership information of the bike by entering the vehicle’s registration number.

State Transport Department Websites: In India, most state transport agencies operate websites that may provide services for checking car information. Look for options like “Know Your Vehicle Details” or “vehicle registration search” on the respective state transport agency website. You can get the ownership information by entering the registration number of the bike, if the information is available in the database.

Contact the Regional Transport Office (RTO) : If the online options are not usable or do not provide the required information then you can contact the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in-charge of the area where the bike is registered. Contact the RTO via phone, email, or personal visit. If you give them the registration number of the bike, they will be able to tell you who the owner is.

Make sure you follow the rules and regulations of the law when accessing proprietary information. Some services or websites may have limitations or authorization requirements for accessing personal information. Follow privacy rules and use the data you collect carefully.

How to Extract Details From Bike Number?

How to get details from bike number

To find out about the bike’s registration and other relevant information it is usually required to extract the details from the bike number. Depending on your region and applicable special laws and systems, the process may change. Here are some standard techniques that can help you retrieve information from a bike number:

Online Vehicle Registration Databases : Many nations or territories maintain online databases that enable users to look up information about vehicles using registration numbers. Visit the official website of your area’s automobile registration agency or local transport authority. Look for a section with a search function for owner details or vehicle registration. If the information is accessible, you should be able to retrieve the owner’s name, date of registration, model and other relevant specifications by entering the bike number in the search field.

Mobile Applications : Some countries provide mobile apps that provide information and services related to automobile registration. These applications often let users enter the bike number to get details about the vehicle and its owner. Check your mobile app store for applicable vehicle registration apps and see if they offer the required capabilities.

Contact the Local Transport Authority : You can contact your local transport authority or the department in charge of car registration if the online resources are not available or do not provide the required information. Based on the bike number they will have access to the database and will be able to give you the information. Before contacting them, prepare the bike number and any other relevant information you have.

Third-Party Services : In some circumstances, third-party services or private businesses may charge a fee for vehicle history reports or registration data. These companies aggregate information from multiple sources and produce thorough reports about a vehicle’s history, including ownership information, accident history, and more. Search online for these services and look into your local options.

It’s important to remember that privacy laws and regulations apply when obtaining personal information from car number plates. Make sure you comply with the law and use the information you receive in a responsible and ethical manner.

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How to Know Where the Train is?

where is the train and how to get it

To determine the location of the train, you can try the following methods:

Train Timetable and Schedules: Verify the timetable and schedule provided by the railway operator for the train. The official website of the railroad firm or websites specific to train tracking usually have online access to this information. If you know the departure and arrival time of the train then you can determine the current location of the train based on the scheduled stops.

Train Tracking Websites and Apps: Real-time tracking services are provided by many rail networks and train companies through their websites or mobile applications. These platforms provide real-time updates on the train’s whereabouts using GPS or other tracking systems. If you want to know where the train is exactly, you can check the train tracking website or download the official railway company app.

Station information displays: Check information screens or electronic boards that offer real-time updates on train arrivals and departures if you’re close to a train station. For inbound trains, these signs often provide an estimated arrival time and platform number, so you can follow the train’s path.

Contact Railway Officials: If you are unable to find the information online or locate the station display then you can directly contact the Railway officials. To find out where the train is, call the railway company’s customer service line or the particular train station. To help them identify the train and give you the correct information, give them the train number or any other relevant information.

Remember that sometimes the accuracy of train tracking information can be affected by unexpected delays, timetable modifications or technical glitches. Multiple sources should be consulted, and it is a good idea to be aware that estimated arrival times are subject to change.

Why know the name of the owner of a vehicle?

There are many reasons why someone would want to identify the owner of a vehicle. Among the most prevalent reasons are:

  • If a person has had a car accident or their property has been damaged by a vehicle, they may need to identify the owner of the vehicle to file insurance claims, seek compensation, or settle legal matters Is.
  • If a vehicle is illegally parked or has earned a parking ticket, officers or those in charge of parking enforcement may need to identify the owner in order to issue fines or take other action.
  • In some situations there may be safety or security concerns with respect to the vehicle. For example, if a vehicle is suspected of being involved in criminal activity or if it poses a threat to public safety, authorities may need to identify the owner in order to investigate or take necessary steps.
  • Buying or selling a used vehicle: When buying or selling a used vehicle, it is essential to verify ownership information to ensure a legal and smooth transaction. Before finalizing the purchase, the prospective buyer may wish to verify the identity and legal title of the owner.
  • In the event of personal or business disputes involving a vehicle, it may be necessary to identify the owner in order to resolve legal and contractual issues.

It is important to note that access to personal information, such as the name of the owner, is subject to privacy laws and regulations in various jurisdictions. Typically, this information is not available to the public to protect people’s privacy. Depending on the circumstances, the process of obtaining such information may require the involvement of law enforcement agencies or insurance companies.

Advantages and disadvantages of knowing the name of the owner of the vehicle

Knowing the name of the owner of a vehicle can have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on the context and intentions of the person seeking this information. Here are some potential advantages and disadvantages:


Liability and Legal Purposes: Knowing the name of the vehicle owner can help in establishing liability in case of accidents, damages or other legal matters. It allows individuals to pursue insurance claims, seek compensation or resolve disputes more effectively.

Safety and security: In situations where there are safety concerns related to a vehicle, such as suspected criminal activity or a public safety threat, knowing the owner’s name can aid law enforcement officials in their investigation. It can help in identifying and apprehending persons involved in illegal activities or taking appropriate security measures.

Consumer Protection: When purchasing a used vehicle, knowing the name of the owner can provide important information for due diligence. This enables potential buyers to verify ownership status, potential liens, or any unknown history associated with the vehicle, thereby ensuring a more informed buying decision.


Privacy Concerns: The owner of a vehicle has a reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to his personal information. Unauthorized or improper use of this information may violate their privacy rights. Accessing and misusing personal information without proper justification may be an invasion of privacy and may have legal consequences.

Potential for Harassment or Misuse: If a vehicle owner’s name falls into the wrong hands, it can be misused for malicious purposes, such as harassment, stalking, or identity theft. It is essential to handle personal information responsibly and respect the privacy and security of individuals.

Misconceptions or Judgments: Knowing the vehicle owner’s name alone may not lead to a complete understanding of the situation. Relying solely on this information without proper context or investigation may lead to erroneous assumptions, prejudices, or judgments about the owner or the circumstances involving the vehicle.

It is important to approach the acquisition and use of personal information responsibly, following legal and ethical guidelines, and respecting the privacy rights of individuals. Access to the owner’s name must be through appropriate channels and for valid reasons, ensuring that it is used in a legal and responsible manner.

Vehicle FAQ

Given below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding online vehicle registration details .

How can I Get my car Registration Certificate Details?

Visit the official website of VAHAN and click on Vehicle Know Your Vehicle Details and enter the required details to get your car registration certificate details.

I Want to Search My Driving License By Name, Address and Date of Birth is it Possible?

If you have applied for a learner’s license, you can visit the concerned RTO to find out your DL. However, the Center has launched Parivahan, a centralized database of online services related to motor vehicles, On the main page, select the state in which you have applied for DL ​​then select driving license Apply Online under this menu Click on it and select Application Status. Enter the application number and your date of birth and click on ‘Submit‘ to know the status of your application.

Can We Search Vehicle Details Through PAN Number?

No, you cannot search through PAN number. You can search through the vehicle’s registration number or number plate.

How to Find Auto Rickshaw owner Details By his Vehicle Number?

Visit VAHAN official website to search registration number or auto rickshaw vehicle number for owner details. For a detailed process, follow the steps described in this article to learn more.

How can we Find the Home Address of the owner of the Vehicle?

To protect the personal data of the vehicle owner, the address is not mentioned online, especially on VAHAN.

How to Get FASTag Registration Details With car Registration Number?

FASTag is an electronic mode of payment for toll at National Highway toll plazas across the country. The technology used in FASTag is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) which captures the FASTag sticker pasted on the windscreen of the car and collects the toll electronically. Since the database is used by the Government of India, you will not be able to get the registration number of any other car.

Where Can I Complain About My Vehicle Registration Details

If you have any query or issue with your vehicle registration details then you have to visit the concerned RTO vehicle information to get it corrected, also you can visit VAHAN online like updating your mobile number, transfer of ownership etc.

How Can I Find an owner’s Details from Car Registration Number?

You can get bike or car owner details by car registration number through National Register VAHAN. You need car number plate details to get the required information, for a detailed procedure, follow the step-by-step guide mentioned above.

Can I Get Vehicle Registration Number by Providing Aadhaar Details of the owner?

Aadhaar is considered a secure and important personal data of the Aadhaar cardholder. Hence, you cannot use anyone’s Aadhaar details to find the car owner details.

How to Find Vehicle Details By Registration Number in Rajasthan, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata?

To digitize vehicle registration certificates and driving licenses, the central government has launched a national registry or a centralized database with data or information from RTOs and DTOs across the country. The database contains more than 28 crore vehicle details. You can visit National Registry Vehicle to search vehicle details by registration number from any state and union territories of the country.

I hope you have come to know, how to find out whose name is the car , we have told you 3 ways by using any one of these you can find out the name of the owner only by the car number, if you use keypad mobile then By sending a message through that too, if needed, you can know the name of the owner of any vehicle by its number.

यहाँ पर हम हर दिन ब्लॉग्गिंग, कंप्यूटर, मोबाइल, सोशल मीडिया, मेक मनी और इंटरनेट से संबंधित जानकारी हिंदी में शेयर करते है, यदि आप मेरे से कुछ सीख पाते हैं तो मुझे बहुत खुशी होगी । नीचे दिए गए सोशल मीडिया बटन को दबाकर हमें फॉलो करें ।


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