How to Write Name on Photo? What are the apps to write text on photo 2023

Whether it is a photo taken by mobile camera or a photo downloaded from the internet, it is very important for you to have a great text font writing app to write name on photo in mobile, in which, unable to write style fonts, you By writing stylish text on photo you can make it more attractive and get more likes on social media.

If you are looking for an app to write text on photos, and want to know which is the best app to write on photos test, then here you will be told about the 10 best text adding apps on photos, by which you can By writing text on your photo in different styles, you can provide a great look to the photo.

What are the apps to write text on photo

How to Write Name on Photo? What are the apps to write text on photo 2023

There are many applications available on Google Play Store to add text on photos, but we have included 10 best apps in this list, which you can use for free to write text on photos.

Text on photo apps

In these applications, you will find many style fonts, through which you can write different styles of fonts on your photo, change the background of fonts, change the color of fonts, and many more features are given in these apps. Is .

1.Phonto – Text on Photos
2.PicLab – Photo Editor
3.New Designs
5.Caption It
6.Add Text To Photo
7.Text Over Photo
9.Picsart Photo Edit
10.Write on Pictures App

Phonto – Text on Photos

Phonto – Text on Photos is a great app to write name on any photo, more than 200 fonts have been given inside this app, apart from this you can also download other fonts, you can make the text smaller, You can change the color of the text, rotate the text left or right anywhere, change the background of the text and many more features are given inside it, you can download it from the link given above.

PicLab – Photo Editor

PicLab – Photo Editor is also an effective app for editing photos, it also has many options for editing photos, it is available on many fonts to add text on photos, you can write any text on your photo. You can give it a different look by adding any type of font.

New Designs

In this app, you get fonts in Hindi and Arabic languages, by adding text on your photo, you can rotate it in any direction, change the background of fonts, add frames, and many more features in addition to sticker effects. You can use it by downloading it for free.


This is a very good app to add Watermark on your photo, it has many types of fancy fonts by which you can make your photo more attractive, stylish fonts and many other fonts are included, apart from photos you can also add watermark to your videos. You can also add watermark, crop photos and videos, resize photos and videos and share them with your friends on social media.

You can download it from the list given above.

Caption It

You can choose a photo from your mobile gallery or take a new photo from your camera and write text on it, drag any caption on the photo and place it wherever you want, it supports multiple captions. Select any text, different colors are given for text and caption, before adding text on any photo you can rotate that photo.

Add Text To Photo

Add Text To Photo, as its name suggests, is an app for adding text to a photo, it has a variety of fonts that can be used to write a name on a photo, adding any font and changing its color. You can add different effect and add text on your photo with different style and rotation, it has a wide range of bubble which you can also use to give nice look to your photo. Are .

Text Over Photo

If you do not have a photo in your mobile, then there is also an option to search the photo from the web. You can download any photo from the internet and add text on it, add text on the cartoon, color the text in different colors. This is a great app to give more effects, you can download and use it for free.


Many options have been given to edit photos in Instasize, apart from premium photo filters, picture borders, collage maker, retouch tools, you can put borders on your photos and add text and change it to different styles in different colors. Can provide a nice look.

Picsart Photo Edit

Picsart is the best photo editing app, it has a lot of features for editing photos, including writing text on photos, you can clean up your photos and make them more attractive, it includes more than 200+ fonts Which you can use to write name on photo.

Write on Pictures App

As its name also suggests, this is a name writing app on photo, using this you can add fonts in different styles to your photo. To write any text on the photo, there are many tools available in it, which you can use for free.

how to use text on photo app

Using the app to write text on photo is very easy, download any app in the above app, then open it, as soon as you open it, you will be asked for the permission of the gallery, give it permission, then click on Add photo Click, you can select the photo from the gallery of your mobile, choose the camera and take the photo immediately, after that you want to add text, then click on the Add text button, and whatever you want to write on the photo Write whatever you want, by clicking on the text, you can change its background, change the text color, rotate the text, and add different effects and save it in the mobile gallery.

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How to write text on photo online?

We have told you many apps to write any text on photo in mobile, if you do not want to download app in mobile, then through online website, you can upload any photo and write fonts on it in style.

  1. First of all open in the browser of your mobile or computer
  2. After that, by clicking on the Select Image button, select the photo from your mobile or computer on which you want to add text.
  3. After the photo is uploaded, write the name you want to appear on the photo in the text editor box.
  4. You can change the style of the font by clicking select font, in front of it you get the option to change the font size, make the font bold, Italic, and Stroke Width (px), Line height (px, Stroke Width ( px) can be set.
  5. After setting everything, click on Download-PNG or Download-JPG button in whichever format you want to download the photo.

How to write name on photo in jio phone

To type name on your photo in Jio phone, you can use the website given above, you can add text on photo in your Jio phone by following the same steps as we mentioned above.

On this website you get many tools like image Filter, image conversation, GIF image, Make GIF Animation, Animation GIF to JPG, animation GIF to PNG, GIF resizer for free which you can also use.

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So in today’s time it has become very easy to write name on photo, you can write name on photo through app, or you can use online website, if you want to avoid downloading app in mobile, then online By writing name on your photo through website, you can share it with anyone.

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