How to Withdraw money from Aadhaar Card in just 2 minutes 2023

In this post, we are telling how to withdraw money from Aadhaar card, many people think, Aadhaar card is only for the identity of the person, but we would like to tell you that through Aadhaar card, you can take advantage of many government schemes , Not only this, with Aadhaar card, you can withdraw money using micro ATM without going to the bank.

Micro ATM provides permission to receive money using Aadhaar card, if you are hearing the name of micro atm for the first time then also tell you what is micro atm and how to get money using it. Before this we know what is Aadhaar card?

What is Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar card is a 12 digit unique identification number issued by the government of India. You can use it as an identity card in any corner of India and to avail banking, government, non-government schemes. Any person who is a resident of India can apply for Aadhaar card, irrespective of age and gender.

What is Micro ATM?

Aadhar cards are utilized in micro ATMs in the same manner as ATM cards are used in traditional ATMs. To get cash from this tiny ATM, you’ll need your Aadhar card number and a fingerprint.

It’s like a mini-ATM or a mobile-ATM in that anybody with a bank account may take money from it using only their Aadhar card and the bank’s verification system.

These days, people are turning to micro-ATMs to withdraw cash in situations where traditional ATMs either don’t exist or are inconveniently located.

If you want to know what an ATM is and how to get money out of one, as well as how to put money into a bank account via an ATM, you can read about it here. Today, however, we’ll go through the Aadhar card withdrawal process so that you’ll be familiar with both the ATM and Aadhaar card methods.

What is needed to withdraw money from Aadhaar card

To withdraw money from Aadhaar card, you must have the following things:

  • You must have a bank account.
  • Your Aadhaar card should be linked to the bank account.
  • Your mobile number should be linked to the bank account and it should be in working condition with you.

After the above things are done, you do not need to carry ATM card, from any corner of the country, you can get money from any shop, restaurant, where Micro atm facility is available.

How to withdraw money from Aadhaar Card

So now you are ready to withdraw money from Aadhaar card, then let us know about the process of withdrawing money from Aadhaar card.

  • First of all go to the place where micro ATM is available,
  • Now type your Aadhaar card number on micro ATM,
  • Now you have to verify the Aadhaar card through fingerprint, verify the Aadhaar card by putting your thumb or finger at the right place,
  • When the Aadhaar card is verified through fingerprint, your bank accounts will appear on the screen, if you have more than one account linked to Aadhaar card, all will be visible to you, now select the account from which the money is to be withdrawn,
  • After selecting the bank account, you have to click on the withdrawal option.
  • After that type the amount you want to withdraw and click on the Submit button.

In this way, after completing the process of withdrawing money from Aadhaar card, you will get the money.

Questions related to withdrawing money from Aadhaar card

If someone knows my Aadhaar card number, can anyone withdraw money from it?

No, no other person can withdraw money from someone else’s Aadhaar, as we told you, to withdraw money from Aadhaar card, fingers or thumb impressions must match.

Can I withdraw money if my Aadhaar card is not linked to the bank?

No biometric machine Your aadhaar card should be linked with the bank to withdraw money.

Can I link Aadhar card with online bank?

Of course you can link your Aadhaar card with your bank account sitting at home, for this you can read this post How to link Aadhaar card to bank account

Now you have understood how to withdraw money from Aadhaar Card, in this way by using biometric machine and Aadhaar card, you can withdraw money whenever you want from any corner of the country. Share the post with your friends, so that they too can know about it and if you have any doubts, then you can write to us in the comment box.

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