How to update app in android mobile

It is very important to update all these App Game in mobile , if your mobile is hanging or running slow, then understand that you have not updated the mobile app for many days. New updates keep coming from time to time in all the apps available in the Google Play Store, if you do not update the Mobile Me app after the new update, then the old version does not work properly.

Due to which the speed of our mobile becomes slow and it starts working slowly, it is very important to update the app in Android mobile to maintain the speed of mobile and for the security of mobile, whenever the app of Android mobile When a new update comes, its notification is also shown on the screen of the Android mobile.

How to update app in android mobile

How to update app in android mobile

By updating the mobile app, the speed of your mobile increases, as well as your internet speed also increases, by updating the app, we get some new pictures in it, if you are not able to update all the mobile apps. If yes, then do update whatever app you use the most.

Suppose you use Google Chrome Browser, then definitely update Google Chrome Browser , by updating you will get good internet speed, secondly, it is very important to update Google Chrome browser for our privacy and security, this is why Type if you like watching videos on youtube then youtube Ko Update must do.

If you do not know Android Mobile Me Apps Ko Update Kaise Kiya Jata Hai, then in this post I am going to tell you Android Mobile Ke App Ko Update Karne Ka Tarika, by following which you can update all the mobile apps.

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How to update app from google play store

Step 1 : First of all turn on internet data in your mobile.

Step 2 : Now open the Play Store in mobile.

Step 3 : After reaching the Google Play Store, click on the 3 dots above.

Step 4 : Now click on My Apps & Game , after that you will see all the updates that have come in your mobile, you can also update these apps one by one, by clicking on Update ALL Can update with

Step 5 : Click on Update ALL , after that your Mobile App Update will start.

If you want to update any one app, then click on it, then click on the update option, like to update My Jio App, click on My Jio App, and then click on the update button, similarly WhatsApp To update, click on WhatsApp and then click on WhatsApp Update.

Friends, in this way you can update any mobile app.

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