How to Turn on and off Call Forwarding (Call Divert)

Call Forwarding (Call Divert) facility is available in all mobiles, whether it is Android smartphone or simple keypad mobile, through Call Forwarding service, we can transfer the call of one mobile number to another number and receive it.

In this post, we are going to tell you how to do Call Forwarding (Call Divert), if you do not know what is call forwarding, how to activate and deactivate it, call forwarding cancel kaise kare, at what time call forwarding is helpful to us. Maybe and why it should be used, so let’s get started.

What is Call Forwarding (Call Divert)?

Transferring incoming calls of one mobile number to another mobile number is called call forwarding, suppose you have two mobiles.

And if you are going to roam somewhere, then you want to take only one mobile with you, but you want to receive the calls of both the mobile numbers, for this, whatever mobile you are leaving at home, take the number of that mobile with you. Forwarding can be done on the outgoing mobile.

After Call Forwarding (Call Divert), you will be able to receive the incoming call of the mobile which is with you, as well as you will be able to receive the incoming call of the family’s mobile on this mobile number, whenever someone calls on that number. That call will come on the accompanying mobile, this is called call forwarding.

Call forwarding can be done in mobile in three ways when busy, when Unanswered, when unreachable, let us tell you about it in detail.

Types of Call Forwarding (Call Divert)

How to Turn on and off Call Forwarding

When Busy

When your mobile number is busy, that is, you are talking to someone else, in such a condition, if you want, at that time another person answers that call, then you can transfer it to any number, after doing so Whenever someone calls your number when your mobile is busy, then the call will go automatically to the number you have forwarded, and he can receive that call and talk.

When Unanswered

When someone calls on your mobile and you do not answer it, in such a condition, if you want that you are not answering it, then any other person receives that call, then you can add his number, for this Later, whenever someone calls on your mobile and you do not receive the call, then whatever number you have added, that call will be forwarded to that number and he will be able to receive that call.

When Unanswered

That service is very useful at that time, suppose you have two mobiles and you have taken one with you and have forgotten one at home or you have intentionally left it, then whatever mobile you always keep with you You can forward it on the number, so that whenever you do not receive its call, its incoming call will come on the mobile with you.

When Unreachable

Means when your mobile is switched off or out of network area, suppose you have two mobiles and one of your mobile’s battery is going to dis or that mobile has network problem, then the other mobile with you which has network It is also good that the battery is also full, you can forward his call to that number.

I hope now you have understood what is Call Forwarding, why call forwarding should be used, how many types of Call Forwarding are there, now let us tell you how to activate or deactivate Call Forwarding in mobile.

How to Turn on Call Forwarding

The features of Call Forwarding (Call Divert) in Android mobile are inside the call setting. The option of call forwarding may be different in different company’s mobile, but it is available in the auction setting itself, for this you have to set your mobile key. Go to call settings and see the call forwarding option.

  1. Click on Phone dialer.
  2. Click on the three dots above.
  3.  Click on Settings, after clicking on Setting, if you have the option of Calling Account in your mobile then click on it, here you will get the option of Call Forward .call forward settings
  4. But if there is an option of More Setting instead of Calling Account in your mobile , then click on it, here you will get the option of Call Forward.
  5.  When you   get the option of Call Forward, click on it, after that if you have a double sim in your mobile, then you can also be asked for the sim, for which sim you want to activate the call forwarding service, select it . .
  6. Then click on Voice Call Forwarding .
  7. Voice Call Forwarding. After clicking on voice forwarding setting will open and you   will see always forward, when busy, when Unanswered, when unreachable option, open which service you want to activate on your number, after opening a pop up window Will open, enter the number on which you want to forward the call, then save the setting by clicking on Save or Turn on.
  8.  If you want to forward all calls of this sim, then select always forward  , after that all calls of this sim will be forwarded to the number you have forwarded but if you  want to do when busy, when Unanswered, when unreachable  If you have, then you can do it according to yourself, what does it mean, I have already told you the complete information about when it should be used.

Forward Calls Using Call Divert Codes

If you are not getting call forwarding option in mobile setting then you can divert call to any number by just dialing USSD code without opening mobile setting.

To forward calls by code, you have to dial as follows.

*121# < mobile number>

For example, if you want to forward the call to the number 6666333888, then you have to dial. *121#6666333888

After that you will see the message of call forwarding activated, which means call divert has been started on your number.

How to do Call Forwarding in Keypad Mobile Phone

How to do Call Forwarding in Keypad Mobile Phone

To deactivate call forwarding activate in keypad mobile, you have to go to the setting, then go to the call setting, there you have to see the option of call forwarding, when you get the option of call forwarding, then you can forward any number as mentioned above. Alternatively, you can also activate call divert by dialing   *121# <mobile number> as mentioned above.

How to do Call Forwarding in Jio Phone

If you are a Jio phone user, then it is very easy to turn on call forwarding in Jio phone, for this you follow the steps given below.

  1. First of all open Settings in your Jio phone.
  2. Now you have to go to the option of Network and connectivity.
  3. Then go to the option of call settings.
  4. After that go to call forwarding option.
  5. After opening the call forwarding option, you will see 4 options, choose any option according to you and type the number on which you want to forward the call and click on the OK button.

How to Turn off Call Forwarding

After activating Call Forwarding, if you ever want to deactivate it, call forwarding cancel kaise kare, then the way you have activated, you have to go to the setting and delete the number where you have added the setting . You have to save, after that Call Forwarding will be Deactivated. You can also turn off Call Divert by dialing ##002# without going to mobile setting , call forwarding service will be stopped on your number as soon as you dial this number.

Special information

To activate or deactivate call forwarding service on any SIM number, it is necessary that the SIM should be in the mobile on which you want to activate and deactivate this service.

If you have one or more SIM in your mobile then you will have to select the SIM also on which number you want to activate or deactivate Call Forwarding (Call Divert) Service.

The thing to keep in mind is that the service of call forwarding is not free, for this you will have to pay the charge according to which you call on any number, suppose the outgoing calling rate on your mobile is 50 paise, then the You have forwarded the number, 50 paise per minute will be deducted from that SIM.

It is necessary for call forwarding, whatever sim number is forwarded or want to do so, there should also be balance in it, only then the call forward service will be activated.

In this post, I told you what is call forwarding, why call forwarding should be used, at what time it should be used, what are its benefits, how to activate call forwarding, how to deactivate it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Call Forwarding

A component of telecommunications called call forwarding enables incoming calls to be forwarded to a different phone number or location. It has both advantages and disadvantages, which I will list below:

Advantages of Call Forwarding

Flexibility: Call forwarding gives both individuals and corporations the freedom to choose how to handle their calls. Users are always connected regardless of their physical location due to the ability to re-route calls to multiple locations or devices.

Enhanced Reachability: By using call forwarding you can guarantee that you will never miss an important call again. Callers can reach you by forwarding calls to your home phone, cell phone, or any other device, no matter where you are.

Efficient Call Handling: Effective call handling and distribution is made possible by call forwarding. For firms, calls can be forwarded to the best employee or department, which will increase customer service and response times.

Continuity: Call forwarding guarantees that communication continues. If you are temporarily unavailable or your main phone experiences technical difficulties, calls can be diverted to a backup number to maintain contact.

Privacy Protection: Call forwarding contributes to privacy protection. You can maintain the confidentiality of your personal information while maintaining access to important contacts by forwarding calls from your personal phone to another number.

Disadvantages of Call Forwarding:

Cost: Depending on your phone service provider and the call forwarding package you choose, call forwarding may involve additional charges. Call forwarding to another number may incur additional charges, especially for long distance or international calls.

Call quality and reliability: The effectiveness and dependability of the telephone network is essential for call forwarding. Call quality may be affected by network issues or issues with the forwarding provider, resulting in dropped calls, static or other connectivity issues.

Call Routing Challenges: Call forwarding can have a drawback in the form of improper call routing. If forwarding settings are specified incorrectly or there are technical problems that result in missed calls or miscommunications, calls may be routed to the wrong destination or may not be forwarded at all.

Dependence on technology: Technology and equipment must be available to forward calls. If your phone or forwarding system is not working properly, call forwarding may be disrupted, which may affect your reach.

Potential for misuse: Unauthorized parties who gain access to your phone or call forwarding settings can misuse call forwarding. Without your awareness, they can re-route calls, putting the privacy and security of your communications at risk.

It is important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of call forwarding to see if it suits your preferences and communication needs.

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Call Forwarding Questions

Can I call divert to any number?

YES You can divert calls from one number to any other number.

Is it necessary to have balance in that sim card to divert calls?

Yes, to divert calls, it is necessary to have balance in the SIM card whose calls you are forwarding.

Is call divert service free?

No call divert service is not free, it will be charged in the same way as you call anyone.

How do I enable call divert on my number?

You can enable call divert by going to the call setting of your mobile, apart from this, you can also enable this service by using the call divert code.

How many ways are there to enable call divert?

There are 2 ways to turn on call divert first through setting of mobile which is available in all mobiles also you can turn it on by using call forwarding code.

How many ways are there to stop call divert?

Just as there are 2 ways to turn it on, there are also ways to turn it off, you can also turn it off by setting and by code.

You must have got the complete information about how to turn on and off call forwarding , still you have any question in your mind, then you can tell us through the comment, we will definitely answer your comment.

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