How to Setup Subdomain Domain on Blogger with Cloudflare?

Hello friends, in this post we will tell you, how to setup Subdomain Domain on Blogger with Cloudflare? If your website is made of WordPress, and you are using Cloudflare’s SSL on it, but you want to connect Subdomain Domain to Blogger, then this post will help you a lot.

The website which is built on WordPress, and Cloudflare’s SSL is installed on it, you can easily connect its Subdomain Domain to Blogger, this will not even down your hosting server, and Subdomain Domain work very fast. Will start doing

How to setup Subdomain Domain on Blogger with Cloudflare?

How to Setup Subdomain Domain on Blogger with Cloudflare?

We assume that you have already installed Cloudflare SSL on your main domain, if not you can read this post: How to set up Cloudflare SSL on WordPress

Step 1 : First login to Blogger Dashboard.

Step 2 : Thenclick on Settings .

add subdomain blogger

Step 3 : Thenclick on Custom domain in Publishing section.

error message show

Step 4 : Then a popup will open add your Subdomain Domain here, like then click on Save button

Step 5 : Now you will have an error message show, which will have 2 CNAME shows, which have to be added on Cloudflare.

Step 6 : Now leave it as it is and login to your Cloudflare account

Step 7 : Click on the name of your website and click on DNS .

Step 8: Now   add CNAME Record  by clicking on  Add Record

Cloudflare Par CNAME Record add Kare

How to add the first CNAME :

  • Select CNAME   in  Type
  • Add the name of your Subdomain Domain in the Name {required} box
  • By typing in the Target (required) box
  • Turn off proxy status
  • Now  click on Save button

How to add another CNAME :

2 CNAME Add Kare
  • Now again click on Add Record and select CNAME   in  Type
  • In the Name {required} box, add the first part of the second nameserver, which is in short code
  • and in the Target (required) box paste the second part, which appears in the larger code
  • Turn off proxy status
  • Now  click on Save button.
Subdomain Domain Save Kare

Step 9 : After adding both CNAMEs, go to Blogger and click on Save again, now your Subdomain Domain will be connected to Blogger.

HTTPS Availability OR HTTPS Redirect Ko ON Kare

Step 10 : Now you have to enable both HTTPS availability and HTTPS redirect.

After that wait for some time, after waiting for at least 30 minutes your Subdomain Domain will be successfully opened.

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So I hope now you know, How to setup Subdomain Domain on Blogger with Cloudflare? In this way, you can very easily connect any hosting’s Subdomain Domain to Blogger, Cloudflare’s SSL is installed on its main domain.

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