How to reduce video size in computer and mobile, complete information 2023

In this post, we will tell you how to reduce the size of the video. In the previous post, we told you how to store more songs on the memory card by reducing the size of the MP3 file if you want to share any video with someone on social media. Want, but its size is too much. Because of the size of the video, you are not able to share it on social media like WhatsApp or Facebook, but you can easily share that video by reducing its KB.

How to reduce video size

How to reduce video size in computer and mobile, complete information

This post will show you how to lower the file size of videos on your computer and mobile device if you are a mobile user, as mobile-recorded videos tend to be very large. If this is the case, you can use several internet tools and mobile apps to condense any kind of video.

We’ll go over the various reasons why video compression is worthwhile after explaining what it is.

What is Video Compression?

To reduce the file size of a video, compression techniques are applied during the encoding process. Several factors, such as the video’s resolution, format, codec, and bit rate, might impact its overall size. There are two main kinds of video compression formats: lossless and lossy. Lossless formats maintain the original quality of the video, while lossy formats reduce it. You can pick a video compression technique that best suits your needs.

Benefits of Reducing Video Size

  • The uncompressed video is so large that it will take a long time to upload it to any online service or social media platform.
  • Files of small size can be rapidly and simply uploaded to online social networks and video sharing services.
  • You can conserve space on your device and watch more videos if you compress them beforehand.
  • Video files can be compressed to be sent through email quickly and easily.
  • Due to upload size limits imposed by many video hosting services, file compression is often a necessary evil.
  • The larger size of your favorite video won’t play correctly on your smartphone’s or tablet’s small screen, so you’ll need to reduce its size.

How to Reduce online video size

Step 1: First, have your computer or mobile device load this link:

Step 2: Select the video you want to compress and click the Choose File button to upload it.The next step is to hang tight until the video is posted.

Step 3: When the video has finished uploading, a new window will open. From there, you may save the video to your computer or mobile device by clicking the corresponding download button. From the drop-down menu next to that button, you can also save the movie to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Free Video Compressor Website

Other than the website mentioned above, there are numerous websites that allow you to convert and condense the video of your choice.


Video size reducer app

There are a lot of audio compression tools out there, and I’ve even tried a few of them myself, but I’m here to tell you about the one I’ve found to be the best and most effective. Involved in

Video Compress

The app’s name gives it away: Video Compress is an app for compressing video files, and it’s wildly popular on the Google Play Store because of its user-friendly interface and impressive compression ratios. This utility allows you to convert videos between several formats, and both the original and the converted, compressed version will be saved to your computer.

Once you have the video compressed and saved to your phone’s gallery, you may click the link below to download it. From there, you can upload it to YouTube or share it on Facebook.

Download Video Compress

Video Compressor: Fast Compress Video and Photo

The Google Play Store is home to a piece of software called Video Compressor: Fast Compress Video and Photos that can reduce the size of your videos and photos. The score I got was 4.6, which is excellent.

To cut down on the length of the film, you can remove unnecessary scenes from either the beginning or the end.

Download Fast Compress Video and Photo

How to use a video compressor

The video compressor is very simple to use.

  • Get it on your phone by clicking the link above.
  • The next step is to launch the app; you’ll be prompted to grant permission before you can start playing videos.
  • The videos on your phone will then be displayed, and you can choose the one you wish to compress to lower its overall size.
  • After you’ve chosen your video, hit the “Compress” button.
  • After that, you’ll be able to customize many aspects of the movie to your liking—for example, by turning off the sound or skipping to a certain part—before compressing it and saving it to your mobile device or uploading it online.

How to reduce video size on mobile

You can utilize the online service we told you about earlier to compress the video and make it more manageable on mobile devices; all you have to do is upload the movie and click on the compress button. The video instantly becomes smaller in file size, allowing you to save it to your phone’s gallery and upload it to services like Facebook and WhatsApp with ease.

Downloading one of the aforementioned video size-reducing apps on mobile will make short work of compressing many videos.

How to reduce video size on a Jio phone

Jio phones make it simple to adjust the video’s aspect ratio. You go to one of those sites, and then you hit the Choose File option on your Jio smartphone and pick the video you want to watch. With just a click of the compress button, your movie will be optimized for playback on your Jio phone. Your Jio phone will then be able to save it.

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