How to Lock Pendrive, SD Card/Memory Card

Hello Everybody, in today’s post we will talk about how to lock Pendrive, SD Card/Memory Card , How To Lock Pen Drive With Password Without Any Software, pen drive is such a small device that we can carry it in our pocket too. Yes, inside the pen drive, we use our important data, documents, photos to keep any of our personal data, so it is very important for us to keep the pen drive locked.

By Password Protecting Pendrive {SD Card / Memory Card}, we can increase the security of our personal data, if by mistake you leave your Pendrive {SD Card / Memory Card} or your pen drive is lost then no Anyone can also delete your personal data, use it and take advantage of it wrongly, maybe he can also blackmail you to return your personal data.

How to lock Pendrive, SD Card/Memory Card

How to Lock Pendrive, SD Card/Memory Card

So today we will tell you how to lock Pendrive {SD Card / Memory Card}, for this you do not need to install any kind of software in your computer, if you use window 7 window 8 window 10 without any You can lock the software Pendrive {SD Card / Memory Card}.

Do you want to know how to lock Pendrive, SD Card, How To Lock Pen Drive With Password Without Any Software, How To Lock Pen Drive In Windows 7, How To Lock Pendrive In Hindi, Pendrive Me Password Kaise Lagaye, How To Lock How to lock Pen Drive In Windows 10, Memory Card, friends Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, the method of locking pen drive is common in all, to lock your pen drive, you follow this time.

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How to Lock pendrive?

Step 1. First of all insert your Pendrive {SD Card/Memory Card} in the USB port of your computer.

Step 2. Now click on Control Panel.

Step 3. Now click on System and Security .

Step 4. Click on Bitlocker Drive Encryption.

Step 5. Now click on the drive in which you have your Pendrive {SD Card / Memory Card}, then click on Turn on Bitlocker.

Step 6. Now tick mark Use a Password To Unlock Thi Drive, then enter your password whatever password you want to set then click on Next button, see screenshot for help.

Step 7. Now save the file anywhere by clicking on Save To File, then click on Next and again click on Next .

Step 8. Now click on Start Encryption , after that the pen drive will start locking and it may take 5 or 10 minutes for this wait till the pen drive is locked, after the process is complete, close by clicking on close.

Step 9. Now remove the pen drive from the computer and put it again, when you plug the pen drive into the computer you can see, you will see the lock on the pen drive, and whenever you try to open the pen drive you will be asked You will be asked to enter the password, after that you can unlock the pen drive by entering your password.

After the pen drive is locked, whenever you plug the pen drive in your computer, you will have to enter the password to open the pen drive.

Friends, in this way you can protect your personal data by putting a password in the pen drive, how did you like the way to put a password in the pen drive, how to lock the pen drive? How To Lock Pen Drive With Password Without Any Software If you liked the post, then definitely share it on social media.

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