How to increase Computer Speed

The topic of today’s post is how to increase the speed of the computer,  whenever we buy a new computer, initially its speed is very good, but gradually its speed slows down, the main reason for this is that slowly inside the computer- Temp files get accumulated slowly, due to accumulation of temp files, our computer starts running slow and sometimes even gets hung up.

If you are also troubled by the slow speed of your computer and want to speed up the slow speed of your computer, that is, if you want to increase the speed of your computer, then this post can prove to be useful for you, because in this post I will tell you about the speed of your computer I am going to tell you tips and tricks to increase speed,  by following which you can make your computer super fast.

How to increase the Speed of Computer Laptop

After using any software, we uninstall it, but that software cannot be completely deleted permanently from our computer, whose temp file is created in our computer and that slows down the speed of our computer.

There are many other reasons for slow computer speed, lack of computer RAM, installing more programs than the computer’s limit and using more than one antivirus, apart from this, not updating any software from time to time, many such There is a reason that slows down the speed of our computer.

How to increase Computer Speed

By setting the computer properly, we can increase the speed of our computer, to increase the speed of your computer, you follow the following steps, just by following some simple steps, you can speed up your computer.

Deleting Temp Prefetch File

Whenever we work on the computer or do any work in the browser, its temp file gets stored in our computer, it should be deleted from time to time, by deleting the temp file, you can speed up your computer. You can

To delete it, press Windows + R  simultaneously from your keyboard, then type %temp% in the search box and press enter, and then select and delete all these files.

Then type temp  and delete the enter medicine and all these files, after that type Prefetch  and press enter and delete all these files, deleting all these files will increase the speed of your computer.

Delete Recycle Bin File

After deleting any file, it gets stored in the recycle bin, because it is stored in the C drive itself, so whenever after deleting any file, it must be deleted from the recycle bin as well, because it is our It slows down the computer speed very much, so the Recycle Bin file should be cleared from time to time.

Cleanup C. Drive

Keep C. drive clean as it is the most important drive of our computer. In which our operating system is installed.

  • Right click on C drive to clean C drive
  • then click on property
  • then click on disk cleanup
  • After that tick mark all the files and make them Ok .

Select Adjust for best performance  

  • Right click on your computer then  click on Properties
  • Then  click on Advanced Settings
  • Then click on Advanced
  • Then  click on Settings , tick mark Adjust for best performance, now all programs will be removed
  • Now tick mark the below 3 programs and apply then OK .

Use the one Antivirus

Use only one antivirus in your computer, do not use more antivirus than this. If you are thinking that using more than one antivirus will work better, then it is not so, the way of working of all antiviruses is different, That’s why there is a lot of difficulty in working with each other, so you should use an antivirus.

Remove Unnecessary Software

Delete any software that you do not use, that is, uninstall it, because even installing more software slows down the speed of the computer.

Unwanted Starting Application को Disabled करे

There are many such programs in our computer, whenever we start the computer, they start running along with it, due to which the speed of our computer becomes very slow, it takes a lot of time to start the computer, which Whatever software you do not use, you can uninstall it or disable it, disabling this type of software will increase the speed of your computer.

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard 
  • Then click on Task Manager
  • After that  click on Startup , here you will get a list of startup programs, you can disable any program which is not of your use by right clicking on it.

Keep in mind here that you do not disable any useful program, such as antivirus, window system, do not disable any such program, otherwise there may be a problem in your computer.

Keep Desktop Screen Clean

Do not keep unnecessary programs on the computer screen, keeping more programs on the desktop screen has a great impact on the speed of our computer.

Friends, in this way you can increase the speed of your computer, I hope now you must have understood how to increase the speed of computer and what is the way to increase the speed of computer, if you like the post of increasing the speed of computer. Do share this post in your friends.

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