How to Disable and Enable Background Apps in Windows 10 Computer

Windows 10 computer users can increase the speed of their computer by disabling background apps, as well as save their data, today we are going to tell you such tricks, by following which you can disable background apps in Windows 10 and make your computer faster. Along with making it superfast, you can also save internet data.

Just as there are system apps in mobile which we never use, but they remain installed in our mobile, similarly Windows 10 also has many apps and programs which we never use, especially The thing is that those apps keep running in the background of the computer and consume internet data, but you can disable and enable them.

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What is Windows 10 Background Apps?

What is Windows 10 Background Apps

Background apps are those that you do not open, yet they remain active in the background of the computer, as soon as you turn on your computer, those apps automatically get activated, these types of apps are called background apps. .

In the last few years, Microsoft has made a lot of updates in Windows 10 and added many features to it, but it is not necessary that you use all those features, many of these apps are such that many people never use them. Computer speed can be increased by disabling such apps.

How to Disable and Enable Background Apps in Windows 10 Computer

  • First of all, click on the Start menu and click on Settings .
  • After opening the Settings of Windows 10, here you have to click on the Privacy option.
  • Now scroll down and click on Background Apps .
  • Now here you will see all the background apps, you can turn them off by clicking on the button in front of which you want to turn off, the thing to note is that you should not disable apps like Windows Driver, Settings and Security.

So in this way you can disable unnecessary apps in Windows 10 computer, and whenever you need them, you can enable them again, this will increase the speed of your computer laptop as well as save your data. Will be

How to Disable and Enable Background Apps in Windows 10 – Video

We have told you through screenshots how to turn off and turn on background apps on Windows 10 operating system, if you still have not understood anything, then by watching the video below, you can turn off background apps and can be turned on.

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So I hope you now know how to disable and enable background apps on Windows 10 computer , in this way you can turn off unnecessary apps and turn them back on whenever you need them. Can, if this post has helped you, then do share it with friends.

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