How to Create Online Gif Animation Image

Hello everybody. In today’s post, we will tell you how to create Online Gif Animation Image and in the previous post we told you What is gif animation image? how to make gif animation image of photo In this post I had told about making offline photo gif animation image file, nowadays many apps are available on play store to make Gif Animation Image.

What is Gif?

How to Create Online Gif Animation Image

Gif image itself has a format like JPG, PNG BMP, ETC so let us tell you, a picture format that supports basic animation is the full form of GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). It was first made available by CompuServe in 1987 as a technology for displaying moving pictures on a computer. GIFs, which can contain multiple frames, unlike JPEG or PNG, allow you to quickly and sequentially display a series of images to give the impression of motion.

To create a GIF animation, a series of images are cycled at a predetermined frame rate, usually expressed in frames per second (fps). When played in sequence, each frame – which represents a distinct image – creates the illusion of motion. GIF animations can only use a maximum of 256 colors per frame, thus they work best for straightforward, small-scale animations. However, they may not be the best choice for complex or highly detailed animations.

GIF animations are often used online, where they are popular for creating quick and amusing loops, reaction images, and memes. Due to their broad interoperability with web browsers, they are widely used to display basic visuals and animations on websites, email signatures, and other online platforms.

GIFs have played an important role in online culture and communication because they can effectively convey information, comedy, and emotion. GIFs remain a nostalgic and enjoyable aspect of the Internet’s visual culture, but other formats, notably HTML5 and video formats, have gained popularity with the development of web technology enabling more complex and higher quality animations.

How to make Online Gif Animation Image, and how to download gif image, for this you follow the following steps.

How to Create Online Gif Animation Image

Step 1: First of all you go to the website of Imgflip.

Go To Website

Step 2 : After visiting the site, click on Create at the top, then click on Make a GIF .

Step 3: Click on Image To Gif, then click on Upload Images and upload the photo you want to create Gif Animation Image from your computer or mobile.

Step 4: After uploading the image, you can set it as follows

  • Delay In this you can set the time of the image, after how much time the image should change
  • Width In this you can set the width of the image
  • Height You can set the height of the image in this
  • Add Text To GIF You can add text to Gif file in this
  • Title Here you can add the name of the Gif file

Step 5: Click on Generator GIF button to download your created Gif Animation Image , after that a popup will open.

Step 6: Now if you want to put Gif Animation Image on your blog, you can copy and paste the Image HTML and click on Download GIF and download the Gif Image file and share it on Facebook Twitter Google Plus social media You can

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