How to create ISO file of Windows?

In this article, you will discover how to create an ISO file for Windows. For computer users, an ISO file is crucial because it allows for instant computer formatting.

If you recently purchased a computer or laptop, you probably have some questions about what an ISO file is, why one needs to be created, and what is required to do so. All of these questions have their answers in this post.

What is an ISO File?

How to create ISO file of Windows?

An ISO file (often called an ISO image) is an archive file that contains an identical copy (or image) of data found on an optical disc such as a CD or DVD. They are often used to back up optical discs or distribute large file sets.

Here we are talking about the ISO file of Windows; it is also a copy of a bootable CD or DVD called an ISO image file, with the help of which you can install Windows again in your system whenever your computer If a virus comes in, then there is a fault in the system. At the same time, you can install Windows on your computer with the help of a bootable CD, DVD, or pendrive.

Once you have created the ISO image, you can use it to re-create a bootable CD or DVD or make your pen drive bootable, both of which you can use to install Windows on your computer. Are.

You can also download the ISO file of Windows from the Internet; we have already told you about it. You can read it. Windows 10 Latest Original Disc Image (ISO File) Download Kaise Kare

If you already have a bootable CD or DVD, you can create a bootable copy of it so that, in the event that it is ever damaged, you can use this image file to make a bootable CD or DVD for a pendrive.

How to create an ISO file for Windows

Step 1: To begin, click here to download and install Imgburn on your computer.

Step 2: Insert the Windows Bootable CD or DVD into your computer’s DVD writer so that you can start creating an image file.

Step 3: Launch the Imgburn program.

Create Image File From Disk

Step 4: Once it has opened, select Create Image File From Disk.


Step 5: Select the destination to which you want to save it. Following that, click the disc to file button at the bottom, as shown in the screenshot, and an ISO file will immediately begin to be created.

The word successful will appear when the procedure is finished. You can then close this window.

You are now aware of how to create a Windows ISO file. If you want to create a bootable pendrive after creating an ISO file, follow the instructions above.

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