How to Check Jio Balance – Internet and Way to Know the Balance

Friends, if you want to know, how to check main balance internet data validity of Jio mobile number, then you have reached the right website, because in this post we will give you Jio Sim Number, 4G Net Data, Balance, Validity, Recharge Expiry Date Kaise Pata Kaise Kare will try to give complete information about it.

Ever since Jio has come in the market, we are enjoying using the internet very much because with the arrival of Jio, all the companies have made the internet pack very cheap.

Due to the cheapness of the Internet, even the poorest of the poor people are enjoying the Internet today by taking 4G mobile, if you are a Jio user, then this information is very useful for you because to check the balance of Jio, we can use My Jio app. I go to

For this, it takes us a lot of time and sometimes due to slow internet speed, My Jio app is not even able to open.

How to do Jio Balance Check – Internet and way to know the balance

How to Check Jio Balance – Internet and Way to Know the Balance

In this post, we will tell you 5 ways to check internet data balance validity of jio sim, sometimes our internet is not working or it is running slow, then we think that our data balance ie validity of internet pack has not expired.

Or the data that we get to use daily, its limit is not over, for this we go to My Jio app to check jio net balance, but as far as I believe, all people use My Jio app. Do not keep it installed.

But we are telling you Jio data balance check code Jio balance check code number, using which you can check the data balance validity of your Jio mobile in a few seconds.

Before the arrival of Jio, many people did not even know about the net, they are also making good use of the internet today, because today the internet pack has become very cheap, due to which any movie or video you want to download. Does it, we download it immediately.

Earlier it was not like this, before we had to think many times to download any movie or video, how much is our data balance, whether the movie video will be downloaded or not, then our entire data will be lost, such thoughts used to come in our mind.

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Call 1991 to Check Balance

Call 1991 Get all running plan details on your mobile like main balance, net balance, minute balance, expiry date Check

Check Jio Balance by Dialing The Number

  • To check Jio number’s 4g internet data, balance, validity, call 1299 from the number you want to check the balance of Jio number.
  • Once the call will be made, then automatically the call will be disconnected.
  • After the call is disconnected, an SMS will come on your mobile containing complete information about Data Recharge, Expiry Date, Net Balance.

In this way you can check Jio balance by dialing some number or by giving Missed Call.

Check Jio Balance by Sending SMS

  • To check Net Balance, Main Balance, Validity, Expiry Date of jio Sim Number by sending SMS by typing BAL message
  • Then send to 199.
  • After this, an SMS will come on your mobile from Jio, it will contain the balance detail of your Jio number.

In this way you can check Jio balance by sending SMS.

Check Jio Plan Details

If you want to know the complete details of your Jio number, then type MYPLAN and send it to 199 , after that the complete details will be sent to you through the message from Jio.

Check Jio Balance from Jio App

If you install the My Jio app in your mobile, then through the Jio app you can get complete information about your account like which is the activated plan, how much data you have used, alternate number, check profile everything.

Check Jio Balance Through Website

We have already told you about how to check Jio Fi’s Data Balance and Plan Detail in computer by opening this website in your mobile or computer browser.

You can check the data balance, validity, expiry date, plan of both your Jio Mobile and Jio WiFi, you can also check how much your data has been deducted, where and how it has been spent.

All Jio Sim USSD Code List

how to check jio balance with ussd codes

Now we are going to tell you about all the USSD codes of Jio Mobile, which you can remember or you can bookmark this page in your browser so that you can use the USSD code when needed.

  • 1991 to check main balance, net balance, minute balance, expiry date
  • To check 4G data, send MBAL to 55333.
  • Dial *1# to check your number .
  • To know the call rate, send TARIFF to 191.
  • Call 1925 to activate 4G data.
  • Or you can send START to 1925 to activate 4G data.

Hope  you have got complete information about how to check Jio Balance, Jio Balance, How to check Net Data, Validity, Expiry Date, If you like the post then do share this post with your friends on social media.

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