How to Change Your Mobile Number in Email ID

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Given that it can be used for communication and identity verification, your mobile number is an essential piece of information to have together with your email ID. For a variety of reasons, such as receiving a new phone number or upgrading your contact information, you might need to update or alter your cell number at times. This article, which focuses on the well-known email service provider Gmail, will walk you through the process of updating your mobile number in your email ID. Along with these topics, we’ll cover how to verify your new phone number and change your Gmail mobile number without an OTP.

How to Change Your Mobile Number in Email ID

How to Change Your Mobile Number in Email ID

Changing Your Mobile Number in Gmail

In Gmail, changing your mobile number is a rather straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step manual to assist you:

  1. Log into Goole account: Start by entering your existing mobile number and password into your Gmail account.Personal info
  2. Navigate to the Personal info section: Locate and select the “Personal info” tab from the left-hand menu in your Google Account settings. Your mobile number is among the personal data that is included in this area.
  3. Edit your mobile number: You may access the “Phone” category by scrolling down to the Personal details section. The “Edit” button or pencil icon should be clicked next to your current mobile number.
  4. Verify your identity: You might need to confirm your identity with Gmail for security reasons. It’s possible that you may be prompted for your password or that you will get a verification code on your current mobile phone.
  5. Enter your new mobile number: Your new cellphone number can be entered after your identification has been successfully validated. Verify the accuracy of the number once more.
  6. Complete the process: To complete the process, adhere to any additional Gmail instructions that may be given. This can entail using an OTP or another means to validate your new phone number.

Changing Your Gmail Mobile Number without OTP

Note that while updating your mobile number, Gmail requires OTP authentication to protect the security of your account. However, if you are unable to get the OTP or have lost access to your current mobile phone, you can take the following actions:

  1. Access your Google Account settings: Go to “Manage your Google Account” by logging into your Gmail account, as it was described earlier.
  2. Navigate to the Security section: Choose the “Security” tab from the menu on the left-hand side. Various security-related settings can be found in this area.
  3. Review your recovery options: Review your recovery options under the Security section. If you forget your password or lose access to your phone number, you can use these alternatives to get back into your account.
  4. Update your recovery options: Make sure any mentioned alternate email addresses or recovery phone numbers are current. In the event of any problems, this will aid in the recovery of your account.
  5. Contact Gmail support: You can get in touch with Gmail support directly if you can’t change your cellphone number using the aforementioned procedures or if you need more help. Describe the circumstances and give them any information they might need to confirm your identification. They’ll walk you through other options for changing your mobile number.

To maximize the likelihood of a good conclusion, remember that changing your Gmail mobile number without an OTP may be a more difficult process, thus it is crucial to submit precise and thorough information to the support team.

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Verifying Your New Phone Number

Verifying the new number is crucial after changing your mobile number in your Gmail account to allow easy access and prevent illegal access. The following steps are frequently included in the verification process:

  1. Confirmation message or email: You might get a notice or email from Gmail asking you to confirm the change after changing your mobile number.
  2. Follow the instructions: Carefully read the written instructions in the confirmation email or message. As you go through the verification procedure, they will direct you.
  3. Verify your new number: To confirm your new phone number, adhere to the instructions provided in the confirmation message or email. To do this, you might need to input a verification code or click a verification link.
  4. Access your account: Once your new phone number has been properly validated, you should be able to log into your Gmail account using the revised contact details.


Q: How can I change my mobile number in my email ID?

To change your mobile number in Gmail, log into your Gmail account, access your Google Account settings, navigate to the “Personal info” section, edit your mobile number, verify your identity, enter your new mobile number, and follow the instructions provided to complete the process.

Q: Can I change my Gmail mobile number without OTP?

Gmail requires OTP verification to change your mobile number for account security. However, if you no longer have access to your current mobile number or are unable to receive the OTP, you can update your recovery options and contact Gmail support for assistance.

Q: How do I verify my new phone number in Gmail?

After changing your mobile number in Gmail, you will receive a confirmation message or email. Follow the instructions provided in the message or email to verify your new phone number. This may involve entering a verification code or clicking on a verification link.

Q: What should I do if I cannot change my Gmail mobile number using the provided methods?

If you are unable to change your Gmail mobile number using the methods mentioned in this article, update your recovery options, and contact Gmail support. Explain your situation and provide them with the necessary information to assist you in changing your mobile number.


Changing your mobile number in your email ID, particularly Gmail, is a crucial step in updating your contact information and ensuring the security of your account. By following the correct steps outlined in this article, you can easily change your mobile number in your Gmail account. In cases where OTP verification is not possible, updating your recovery options and contacting Gmail support can help you navigate the process effectively. Remember to verify your new phone number to maintain uninterrupted access to your Gmail account.

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