How to Change/Edit/Update Mobile Number of Gmail ID

In this post, we are going to tell you, how to change/edit/update the mobile number of Gmail ID , or how to change the mobile number of your Google account.

If your mobile number is lost or many people have come to know about your mobile number on which you have created Gmail ID, in such a condition you should change the mobile number of your Gmail ID.

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How to Change/Edit/Update Mobile Number of Gmail ID

How to Change/Edit/Update Mobile Number of Gmail ID

To change gmail mobile number, first you have to login to your Google  account, but if your mobile is lost and you have enabled Google 2-Step Verification for the security of Google account, then while login OTP will come on mobile number, you can login to Google account only after entering that OTP code, but if you are already logged into your Google account and want to update its mobile number, then you have to type only Google account password. Will have to

How to Update Gmail Mobile Number

Follow this tape to change Gmail Mobile Number, if you have a computer or laptop then it is a very good thing, but if you want to change the mobile number of your Gmail ID from mobile, then open your browser in desktop mode. Do it then follow the steps below.

Step 1: First go to  Google Account  , or type in your browser, after that you will reach your Google Account, if you are not already logged in to Google Account, then log in by entering your email id and password Have to do these.

click on personal info

Step 2: After logging in to Google account,  click on personal  info , after that you will see personal information of your Google account, Photo, Name, Birthday, Gender, Password, Contact Info, Email, Phone Number etc.

Step 3: To change the mobile number,   an arrow is made in front of the phone there is an option to edit the mobile number, click on it, as shown in the screenshot.

Step 4: Now, once again you have to click on the arrow in front of the phone number.

Step 5: Now you  will see the option to Edit, Delete phone number, click on Edit  icon see screenshot for help.

Step 6: Now you will be asked to re-enter the password, enter your Google account password then  click on Next  button, after that again you have to click on edit icon.

click on update number

Step 7: After clicking on Edit  icon again, pop up window will open, you have  to click on update number

Step 8: Now here you delete your previous mobile number and type another mobile number and click on Next .

Step 9: Now  click on Get Code, after that  an OTP will come on the new mobile  number, enter OTP then  click on verify, after that the Gmail ID mobile number will be changed.

I hope you have understood now,  how to Change/Edit/Update Gmail Mobile Number , still you are facing problem in changing mobile number, then you can tell us by commenting.

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