How to Add Song Music on your photo?

Do you also want to apply Song Music on your photo, then this article is going to be very helpful for you, because in this post, we will share photo song app, how to apply song on photo online, song on photo in jio phone We will discuss in detail about the method and photo song maker apps.

If you use social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, then at some point of time you must have heard a song on the photo of your friend’s status, in the same way you can also put a song / music on your photo, and Then you can save it in your mobile, share it on any social media platform.

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What will happen if you apply Song Music on photo?

How to Add Song Music on your photo?

By putting a song on the photo, whenever you share it on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and anyone clicks on that photo, the song you put will start playing along with the photo, you can add more than one photo to it. You can make a video slideshow by putting your favorite music in the background, so let’s know how to put a song on a photo.

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How to Add Song Music on your photo?

  • First download and install Photo + Music = Video in your Android phone, you can download it for free from Google Play Store, click here to download directly.
  • Open it after installing, and allow whatever permission it asks for .
photo par gana lagana
  • Now click on the option of Add File to put a song on your photo, and select the photo on which you want to call from your mobile gallery and click on Next .
  • Now to put a song on the photo, click on the option of Music, select whatever music you want to put, you can also put a frame on your photo, then click on Next
  • In the next step, you can crop the song, from where to where you want to apply the song, you can apply filters on your photo, after setting everything, click on the OK button .
  • He has the song ready on your image, you can save it in your mobile, and share it on your social media account.

Song on photo app

Now we are going to tell you about the apps that put songs on photos, which you can put your favorite song in the background of any photo of your choice, you can download these apps for free from Google Play Store. Yes, these apps are widely used for making Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Story, Status.

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Photo Editor With Music

With Photo Editor With Music, you can easily create professional looking video stories in just a few taps. This is a great application to combine photos to create a slideshow, create a video, you can set various effects on your photos, and set your favorite music in the background, you can use the photo song maker app. Can download from below.

Download photo editor with music

Music Photo Editor

Music Photo Editor , which is known by its name, is an app to apply music on photo, by this you can easily set song on any photo, set your photo frame, set different effects You can cut the song from the middle and paste any part of the song on the photo, download this Music Photo Editor from below and enjoy.

Download Music Photo Editor

List of apps to apply audio music on photo

Below is a list of apps to put song on photo, you can try them, they are absolutely free to download and use.

1.Music Photo Editor
2.Photo Editor With Music
3.Photo + Music = Video
4.Video Editor & Video Maker – InShot
5.Photo Video Editor With Music

How to put song on photo online

Above we have told you about the popular song application app, if you do not want to install the app in your mobile, then you can add online audio music to any song, so let’s know.

create video
  • After visiting the website you will see a box, in the first option click on Browse and select the photo from your device.
  • And from second option select audio music or any song from your device.
  • After that click on Create Video button.
  • After that the video will be ready with photos and music in no time, you can download it in your mobile by clicking on download file , and you can share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp directly from here. Are .

online photo song website

Apart from this, there are many websites to put songs on photos online, but we are going to tell you about some popular websites. Using this, you can easily set a song on any photo of your choice.


How to put song on your photo in jio phone

There is no app to set song on photo for Jio phone, it does not mean that you cannot set song on photo from Jio phone, using any of the above website you can set song on photo in your Jio phone. can do .

  • First of all, in the browser of your Jio phone, open the website given above to put a song on any photo.
  • After visiting the website, first select your photo.
  • After that there you get the option to add music.
  • After selecting both song and photo you can create video of your photo with music.

How to put song on photo on instagram

You do not need to use any third party application to put a song on the photo on Instagram, because the story option is given on Instagram, through which you can easily set music on any photo.

  • First login to your Instagram account.
  • Then click on Story at the top.
  • Now select the photo from your mobile by clicking on end photo .
  • After selecting the photo, you get the option to add music , by clicking on it you can choose any music audio from your mobile.

FAQ about applying song on photo

How many ways are there to apply song on photo ?

Mainly 2 ways to apply song on any photo, through online website and by downloading application software to apply song on photo in your device.

Which is the easiest way to add music to photo?

The easiest way to apply music on photos online is because it does not have any advanced features, so anyone can easily apply background music to their images.

Which is the application to put song on photo?

Although there are many apps to put songs on photos, but above we have told about 8 best apps, using which you can easily put songs on photos on your mobile.

Can I add song on photo from Jio phone ?

Yes you can set song on photo in your jio phone by using online website.

What will happen if you put a song on the photo?

By applying song on photo, whenever you share that photo on any social media, music will be played in the background of your photo, and people will like to listen to it again and again.

Now you know, how to apply Song Music on your photo? You can put songs on any photo, not on your photo, for this we have told you about online websites, and photo music apps, you can use any method as per your convenience.

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