Format Memory Card/SD Card from your Android Phone

Format Memory Card / SD Card: Memory card is very important in mobile, despite having internal storage, we keep memory card in mobile so that we can save more and more data, nowadays very large size memory cards are available in the market. have been

Sometimes suddenly our memory card gets damaged, no data is visible in the memory card, whatever photo video is there, it gets corrupted and if we upload any data in the memory card, then the data is not uploaded, In such a condition, you can format your memory card and use it again.

By formatting the memory, you cannot get back the data that is in it, but by formatting, your memory card will start working again and you will be able to upload photos and videos in it again.

What is Memory Card/SD Card?

Format Memory Card/SD Card from your Android Phone

A memory card, sometimes called an SD (Secure Digital) card, is a small electronic storage gadget used to keep track of digital data. It is often used to increase the storage capacity of portable electronic devices including digital cameras, cellphones, tablets and gaming consoles.

SD cards are available in traditional SD, miniSD, and microSD capacities, among others. The most popular type is the compact, widely compatible microSD card, which is used extensively in a wide variety of devices. SD cards come in a variety of storage sizes, from a few megabytes to several terabytes.

Flash memory technology is used to store data on a memory card. Flash memory is a non-volatile storage media, which means that even when the power is turned off, the data remains intact. This qualifies it for use with portable devices where data must be stored even when the device is turned off.

Photos, videos, music, documents, and software are among the types of data that are often stored on SD cards. They provide a practical means of exchanging data between devices or increasing a device’s storage space when internal storage is at a premium. Data stored on an SD card is easy to retrieve and transfer to a computer or any other compatible device, using a card reader or device with an integrated SD card slot.

In general, SD cards and memory cards are adaptable storage media that provide portable and expandable storage options for a variety of electronic devices.

Why format Memory Card

  1. If the Memory Card / SD Card gets damaged, it is necessary to format the memory card to fix it back because without formatting we cannot fix the memory card.
  2. Viruses get deleted from Memory Card/SD Card by formatting when virus comes in the memory card.
  3. If any data inside the memory card is not being downloaded i.e. not being uploaded, then you can fix it by formatting it.
  4. There can be many other reasons why to format the memory card, like suppose you have saved a lot of photos and videos in the memory card. And want to delete them, if you delete them one by one, you will waste a lot of time but You can delete all the data at once by formatting the memory card.

Your idea of ​​​​formatting a memory card may be different from this, but we have given important reasons for formatting a memory card, due to which the memory card has to be formatted.

You can also format Memory Card / SD Card from computer laptop, but if you do not have a computer or laptop, then you can format the memory card from your Android mobile only.

In this post, we will tell you how to format memory card from Android mobile, for this you do not need to download and install any application in mobile, without downloading any application, you will be able to format SD card.

How to Format Memory Card / SD Card

To format the memory card ie SD Card from your Android mobile, you follow the following steps, Memory Card Repair Kaise Kare Full Guide In Hindi.

Step 1: First go to the Settings of the mobile.

Step 2: After going to settings, click on storage , here you will see the option of internal storage and Memory Card or SD Card, you have to select Memory Card.

Step 3: After selecting Memory Card, click on the option of Memory Card at the bottom.

Step 4: Now you will see all the folders in the memory card, now click on  dot, then click on Storage Settings .

Step 5: Now click on format , a new page will open click on ERASE & FORMAT button, now your memory card will start formatting and will be formatted in no time if your memory card has a lot of data So it may take some time, after formatting, click on DONE button.

What have you Learned

In this post, we have given complete information on how to format Memory Card, you are well explained with the help of screenshots how to format memory card in Android mobile.

I hope you must have liked the method of formatting memory card in mobile and now you have learned how to format memory card from mobile. Format Memory Card / SD Card from your Android Phone. Do share with friends on social media and tell them how to format memory card.

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