How to Watch Mobile Video on TV

Today I will tell you how to watch mobile video on TV or how to connect mobile to TV. A few days ago Google has launched Chromecast, through which you can watch any app on your mobile in a big screen on TV. 

How to Watch Mobile Video on TV

How to Watch Mobile Video on TV

Google Chromecast looks similar to Pendrive . With Chromecast, you can make your normal TV a smart TV. Chromecast comes in many types, whose price ranges from Rs 1200 to Rs 4000 on Amazon. Looking at its features, its price is not much. 

By connecting mobile to TV, you can sit together with your whole family to watch mobile videos / Youtube and games. But you cannot do this on mobile screen. What should you have to run Mobile Ke Videos/App Ko TV Par. 

what is needed to connect mobile to tv

  • You must have an HD TV with an HDMI port to use Chromecast. 
  • Must have Wifi internet connection. 
  • computer or smart phone. 
  • Smart phone must be Android or iOS. 
  • Must be Windows/ Mac or OS to run from computer. 

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how to connect mobile to tv

Connecting mobile to TV or watching Mobile Videos/App on TV is very easy, just follow my steps. 

Step 1 : First of all plug Chromecast into the HDMI port of your TV. 

Step 2 : Power up the Chromecast by connecting the charging cable to the back. 

Step 3 : Now select Chromecast in the TV setting. 

Step 4 : Now connect your mobile to Wifi. 

Step 5 : Now if you have the option of Chromecast in your mobile, then it is okay, if not, then install Google Chromecast in your mobile from here.

Step 6 : Now open the Chromecast app on your mobile. Within a few moments, the name of your TV will appear on your mobile screen.

Step 7 : Click on your TV name, mobile will be connected to TV as soon as you click on TV name.

I hope you have now connected your mobile to TV and are watching your mobile’s Videos/App on TV on the big screen. Now you must have understood how to connect mobile to TV or how to connect mobile to Tv. Let’s connect

Friends, if you want to buy Chromecast, then I am giving you the link below, you can buy it from here. Today’s my post is how to watch mobile video on TV, how did you like the complete information, if you want to connect mobile to TV If you are facing any problem in connecting, then you can ask by commenting.

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