Download Instagram DP / How to download Instagram private profile picture

How to save your Instagram DP/private profile photo is covered in this post. Instagram is a popular social media platform for sharing and interacting via photographs. You’re all aware that each user’s profile has a little picture in the upper left corner. There is a significant amount of interest in how to completely ZOOM Instagram profile images or get the original form for download. If you count yourself among them, you’ve come to the correct spot.

We can update or delete our profile photo by tapping and holding on it on Instagram on mobile, but we can’t save it to our device. On the other hand, we may download a low-resolution copy of our profile image by right-clicking on it and selecting “Save Image As.” Unfortunately, the option to download the unmodified version is not available.

Download Instagram DP

Download Instagram DP / How to download Instagram private profile picture

While the Instagram mobile app does not support downloading media files, there are many third-party websites and apps that allow you to do so with the simple entry of a user’s username or profile URL. Today, we’ll share with you one such website that allows you to download any Instagram profile picture, private or otherwise.

How to download Instagram private profile picture?

There are a plethora of resources available for downloading Instagram DP, but we’ll just be covering the two finest ones here. The website will include a download option for the original dp.


1. First of open the website in your mobile or computer browser .

2. Then, in the search box, enter the username of the user whose DP you want to download, and then click on that person’s name.

3. After that, the profile’s display picture (DP) will load, and you’ll have the option to see it at its original, larger resolution by selecting the View Original button.

4. If you’re using a computer, just right-click on the DP to save it, but if you’re on a mobile device, you’ll need to hold your finger tika on the image for a few seconds until the choice to Download image or Save image appears; choose this to save the photo to your device.

Download private profile picture for instagram by

You may also download a user’s whole photo and video archive by just entering their username on the website, which is another option for downloading Instagram profile pictures and videos. If you go to the website and look for a search box, you may enter whatever username you choose to narrow down your results.

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After that, your Instagram DP will appear at the top; you can save it to your phone or computer by right-clicking on it; and by clicking the Download All button at the top, you can save all of the photos and videos from that profile at once. Congratulations, you now know how to save a private Instagram profile picture.

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