Airtel 60GB Free Data – Use Coupon Code & Tricks to Get 60GB Data

Those who are aware of the appropriate strategies may easily get free data from a reputable telecommunications provider like Airtel. This site now has guides on how to get free data from Airtel. As a result, keep an eye out for methods to get your hands on the free information. The aforementioned strategies may be used to activate the SIM’s free data.

In India, nobody does telecom like Airtel. The lightning-fast network provided by the firm makes web surfing a breeze. Those who are aware of the remarkable technique of the Airtel free data coupon code have no trouble gaining access to free internet.

Airtel 60GB Free Data – Use Coupon Code & Tricks to Get 60GB Data

1). Go Daily App – Airtel Data Coupon Code 

One of the most common ways that coins are exchanged for cellphone recharge is by using the Go Daily App to get free data. The mobile daily app is useful if you need to use the data on your SIM card but don’t have enough money to buy a recharge. With this software, you may accumulate more money for use in mobile recharge. The following are the necessary steps:

Step 1. Go to the Play Store section.

Step 2. Type – Go Daily App.

Step 3. Register with your phone number.

Step 4. If there is a referral code, you may enter it, too.

Step 5. Collect pennies and use them to get a recharge for your phone.

Coins may be exchanged for mobile phone credit.

2). Send a Message to 121– 60 GB Airtel Free Data Code

The data code is the second most common method for customers to get free data. Only Postpaid customers are eligible for this promotion, which includes up to 60GB of free data. Just text “SURPRISE” to the number 121. The Next Steps –

Step 1. Enter your messaging app.

Step 2. In the recipient, dial 121.

Step 3. Enter message SURPRISE. 

Step 4. Get 60GB of Free data in Airtel. 

3). Dial 5999555 to Get 10 GB Data – Free Airtel Data Coupon Code

Users may obtain free data up to 10 GB in three simple methods. The first is the most obvious: just call the toll-free Airtel data line. You may reach me at 5999555. This is the toll-free number that must be called from an Airtel SIM in order to get the 10 GB of bonus data. The call will end automatically when you dial the number. As soon as the call ends, your SIM card will be charged with the bonus data.

4). Missed Call to 51111 – Airtel Free Data Coupon Code 

A missed call to 51111 is the fourth simple way to get free data on Airtel. This may be used as a discount code as well. In only 10 seconds, you may get up to 10 GB of free bandwidth.

Prepaid customers are eligible for this promotion. Dial 51111 to get the 10 GB of 4G data that is included in your plan.

5). Connect with Airtel WIFI – Airtel Coupon Code Free

Using the WIFI pack is the next available method to get Airtel’s monthly free data. In order to take use of Airtel’s automatic data credit, you must subscribe to the company’s unlimited plan. This is a technique that may be used in any public setting, including stores, restaurants, and more.

6). Prepaid Users Plan – Airtel Coupon Code Free Data 

The sixth Airtel free data method is to upgrade your plan to include 6 GB of data. Only certain prepayment options are eligible for this promotion. Use the Airtel Thanks app to top up your account. This promotion has a range of prepaid plans starting at Rs. 219 and going up to Rs.

7). Get 6 Coupons For 1 GB of Data –

6 Airtel free data coupon code is valid for the Rs 598 plan and the Rs 698 plan. That being said, you’ll need to download the Airtel Thanks app in order to take advantage of this deal.

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